10 Best Blackout Curtains in 2022 – Reviews

10 Best Blackout Curtains in 2021

Blackout curtains are an efficient and inexpensive way for anyone to keep sunlight out of their bedroom or to prevent glare from ruining the viewing of someone’s favorite television show. All a person has to do is measure their window to get the right size and then buy the best blackout curtains that are available. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to select the best curtains from the plethora of models currently available. That’s why to help our readers out, we’ve put together the following list that will narrow the field a bit and allow them to find the curtains that are best suited to their home.

Best Blackout Curtains – Top List

10. Amazon Basics Room Darkening Curtains

These quality blackout curtains are made out of imported polyester and not only block out sunlight completely, but also blocks out UV rays as well. Another thing that these curtains can do is to dampen outside noises, which makes it perfect for installation in a bedroom. These fabric these curtains are made out of is a triple-weave fabric that drapes across a window quite well and helps to provide an insulating barrier between outside weather conditions and the room. Available in a variety of colors including grey, green, beige, or black, there’s a pair of these curtains to match just about any home decor.

9. Jinchan Linen Textured Curtains

Regardless of whether these curtains are used in a nursery, a bedroom or a living room, they’re sure to keep sunlight outside where it belongs. They’re made out of a linen-textured fabric that includes black yarn that creates a shading effect, and a heather yarn that gives it an interesting look. These curtains will not only block out sunlight but will also help to insulate the room against the elements, which can help to reduce the homeowner’s energy bills. And because these curtains can be easily thrown into the washer, they’re sure to stay looking good for quite some time to come.

8. Deconovo Room Darkening Insulated Curtains


These curtains can be bought in an assortment of different colors and are made of 100% polyester for durability. They’re available in either red, black, dark grey, chocolate, blue or lavender, so there’s likely to be one that fits in with just about any home’s decor. They’re also available in different size options from 38×45-inches up to 38×84-inches. And each curtain is made with stainless silver grommets that are designed to hold up longer than the cheap grommets used by other curtain manufacturers. All of these features make these silky-soft drapes a great set of blackout curtains for any home.

7. Pony Dance Polyester Window Curtains


These curtains are made out of polyester and come with two 42×45-inch curtains per set. This allows them to cover a window up to 84-inches wide and since they’re equipped with 3-inch rod pockets, they should fit on just about all standard curtain rods. These curtains are made with a heavy but soft fabric that doesn’t bunch up and lies quite nicely across a window frame. When properly installed, it’s capable of blocking anywhere from 80 to 90% of incoming light, depending on whether the consumer buys a light-colored set or a dark-colored one.

6. Utopia Bedding Room Darkening Insulated Curtains

These blackout curtains can not only block out up to 99% of all sunlight and UV radiation that comes through a window, but it’s also capable of insulating a room against thermal differences. That simply means that these curtains will keep cold air out during the winter and hot air out during the summer. It’s capable of performing that feat because it’s made out of 250 GSM polyester fabric. Each set comes with two panels and each panel measures 52×84-inches in size. Also included with each set are two matching tie-backs, so consumers can tie them back when they do want to introduce sunlight into the room.

5. Fairyland Bedroom Blackout Curtains

What makes these curtains exceptional is that they’re made with three layers of fabric that help to repel sunlight, hold in heat or cold, and give the curtains a nice look that fits in with any home decor. Each set comes with two panels, and each panel has an inner diameter of 1.6-inches and is equipped with 9 grommets for hanging. They’re also made with a smooth fabric that hangs well and is extremely durable. Another thing worth mentioning about these curtains is that the polyester fabric they’re made out of is resistant to fading, so they should look factory-fresh for years to come.

4. Nicetown Triple-Weave Microfiber Curtains

These brightly colored blackout curtains are perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, living rooms or any other room where a person needs to block out sunlight. Depending on their color, each set of curtains is capable of blocking 80% to 95% of sunlight and UV-radiation, with the darker colored sets being capable of blocking out the most sunlight. Each set comes with two 42×63-inch panels and each one is equipped with 6-grommets each. They’re also made with a triple-weave fabric that helps to balance out the room temperature and keeps out drafts quite nicely. That makes these sets ones that homeowners may want to take a closer look at.

3. Nicetown Insulated Blackout Curtain Set

Made out of a noise-reducing heavy-duty polyester, these blackout curtains are perfect for bedrooms. They are capable of blocking out 100% of all light and they also have thermal properties that help them to insulate windows against outside temperature. Each set comes with two panels, and each panel is approximately 52×84-inches long. Since these curtains are made out of a double-layer of triple-weave fabric, they’re also very durable as well. And they’re available in an assortment of vibrant colors that include beige, blue, red, coral, pink and seafoam teal. When installed, they’re sure to become the centerpiece of any room.

2. Rose Home Fashion Blackout Thermal Curtains

Even though these curtains have a linen-look to them, they’re one of the best blackout curtains available. That means that instead of allowing light to stream through them, they instead block it out completely. Each set comes with two panels of these high-quality curtains and each panel is 50×84-inches in size. They’re made from a high-quality material that not only blocks out sunlight but also blocks out sound and helps to reduce energy costs by insulating the room against external temperature fluctuations. And since each set has 8 grommets per panel, they lay quite naturally and don’t bunch up the way other curtains tend to do.

1. EDILLY Blackout Drapery Panels

Anyone who’s been on the hunt for the best blackout curtains can stop their search right now. That’s because these curtains have the construction and the features to be the ideal curtain for just about any room in a person’s home. They’re made from a high-quality material that’s resistant to fading and is designed to provide years of service. They’re also available in colors that include black, beige, blue, red, grey, and turquoise. The lighter colored models can block out anywhere from 85% to 99.9% of incoming sunlight, while the black curtains can block out 100% of incoming sunlight.

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