10 Best Faucet Water Filters in 2022 – Reviews

10 Best Faucet Water Filters in 2022

The problem with drinking the water from your local municipal supply is that although it might be fine to drink, there’s no way to tell for sure. If you can’t test the water yourself, there’s no real way to tell if your local water supply is healthy for you to drink. It’s enough to make anyone worry about the water they’re drinking, particularly after the local news has uncovered several incidents of lead in city water supplies.

One solution to making sure your family gets clean water is to use bottled water, but that can not only be expensive, but bacteria can end up building up in the bottles if they’re left around too long. The only real solution to ensure your family has access to clean water is to buy a faucet filter, and that’s why we’ve selected ten of the best faucet water filters currently available to consumers.

Best Faucet Water Filters – Top List

10. Kingrunning Faucet Water Filtration System

For a faucet water filter to be effective, it needs several different filtration layers to gradually pull smaller and smaller contaminants from the water. And that’s precisely what this faucet filter from Kingrunning does so well. It’s made with seven different layers that do a better job of cleaning water than many of its competitors. These layers include a general filter net for pulling out larger materials, and then layers with gradually decreasing pore sizes to filter out the rest. These other 6 layers include a cotton PP layer, a Maifan mineral ball, coconut shell activated carbon, CASO3 and diatom ceramic.

9. PUR PFM450S Stainless-Steel Horizontal Filter

This faucet-style water filter is easy to install and easily attaches to most standard sink faucets. However, ease-of-installation isn’t really what makes this one of the best filters available. What makes it a great filter is that it can clean up to 100-gallons of water and remove up to 70 different contaminants, including 99% of the lead that may be in the water. That means that this filter will make the water healthier to drink, and it should last the average consumer anywhere from two to three months, depending on water usage. And since it’s made by PUR, a company that’s been making water filters for decades, consumers can be assured of its quality.

8. Culligan FM-25 Faucet-Mounted Filtration System

If the consumer wants cleaner water, then they don’t necessarily need to call the Culligan man, all they need to do is get this filter. This faucet water filter is easy to install and can be mounted on most standard household faucets. When it’s been properly installed, it has a 0.5 gallons-per-minute flow rate at a pressure of approximately 60 PSI. It’s capable of cleaning up to 200-gallons of water or the last two months, so it’s also extremely economical as well. It’s a great working filter, too, that’s capable of removing a variety of impurities from water including lead, chlorine, lindane, and atrazine.

7. Brita Tap Water Filter System

Brita is another company that’s well known for creating great water purification products, and this product is just further proof of that statement. This filter is easy to install on a standard faucet and is capable of purifying up to 100-gallons of water throughout its lifetime. And during its useful lifetime, it can remove up to 60 different impurities, including up to 99% of the lead that may be found in the water. Other harmful particles that it can filter out include benzene and asbestos. It can even filter out chlorine, so the water is not only healthier but also tastes better.

6. DuPont Premier Faucet Mount Filter

This DuPont water filter combines good looks, convenience, and powerful water filtration capabilities to create one of the best faucet water filters available. This product is easy to install and is capable of removing a lot of different pollutants out of water. It can remove sediment and chlorine, lead, mercury, asbestos, cysts, linden, and other particulates. This will not only make the water safer to drink but will also improve the clarity, taste, and odor of the water, too. And because it’s designed with Micro-Ban product protection built-in, it lasts longer than some comparable filters.

5. Culligan FM-100-C Faucet Mounted Filtration System

This product is designed to be compatible with most aerator faucets and to provide the homeowner with 2-months of fresh, clean water. This filter is easy to install, and once installed, it’s capable of filtering about 200 gallons of water. It can remove many of the common contaminants that need to be removed from water including lead, chlorine, lindane, and atrazine. It will also remove the turbidity and sediment that somehow manages to sneak into municipal water supplies. And because it has a life indicator-light, the consumer can see when it’s time to change the filter instead of trying to guess when it’s time to change it.

4. Waterdrop 320-Gallon Water Filtration System


Although many faucet water filters can filter 100 to 200 gallons of water over two months, few filters can filter up to 320-gallons of water and has a 3-month lifespan like this one. This product is manufactured by Waterdrop and is designed to be the platinum standard of faucet mounted water filtration systems. This product is easy to install and filters out a variety of different contaminants thanks to its multi-stage filtration system. It can even remove up to 93% of chlorine, so water is as tasty as it is clean. Although it doesn’t fit every standard out there, for the faucets it does fit, it’s a great water filtration choice.

3. Spardar Faucet Water Filters

This faucet water system is designed to provide the consumer with not only the healthiest water possible but also the tastiest. It’s an easy-to-install the unit, that’s convenient to use, and fits most standard faucets. It’s capable of not only removing water impurities such as rust and sediment, but it’s also capable of removing heavy metals including nickel, chromium, mercury, and of course, lead. It will also remove chlorine and turbidity from the water, so it tastes and smells better as well. And since one filter is capable of filtering up to 100-gallons of tap water over its lifespan, the consumer will only need to replace it every two or three months.

2. AquaBliss High-Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

When most people think of faucet water filters, they think of adding them to their kitchen taps and not their shower faucet, but that’s something that maybe they should consider. More and more people nowadays are adding shower faucet filters to their bathroom to eliminate the harmful chemicals that can cause eczema, dandruff, itchy skin, and brittle fingernails. This product is such a filter and it’s not only easy to install but is capable of removing common contaminants from water. It does this using a 12-stage filtration system that cleans the water and makes shower time a whole lot healthier.

1. Engdenton Stainless-Steel Water Purifier

This water purifying system has a sleek stainless-steel design that allows it to fit in nicely with the decor of any modern kitchen and is designed in such a way that it won’t slow down the water flow of the faucet it’s installed on. When installed, this filter will allow up to .5 GPM of filtered water to pass through it, so the consumer can enjoy filtered water without having to wait an agonizingly long time for a cup to fill up. This product also has a large lifespan and is capable of purifying up to 320-gallons of water during its lifespan. That means when consumers use this filter, then they need to only replace every 6-months or so on average.

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