10 Best Water Shoes in 2022 – Reviews

Outdoor pursuits require outdoor equipment to make them more enjoyable. You can’t walk on a riverbed barefoot for long without wincing at the sharp stones underneath, and you don’t always have the confidence to kayak or hike without adequate footwear. This is why the water shoe market has been so successful because they make a huge difference in how you can snorkel, swim, walk, and beyond.

You will find that water shoes are made to last and should offer adequate drainage and comfort. Also, you will need to find a pair that has enough traction to not slip when you need to balance. No matter how often you partake in any of the water sports and activities we have mentioned, you need to make sure your foot is protected. To make sure you pick up a quality pair, here are the 10 best water shoes on the market right now.

Best Water Shoes – Top List

10. Remote Water Shoes for Women Men

A good entry-level water shoe that has a lot of uses even if it isn’t as durable as the bigger brands. The upper is stretchy and breathable keeping your foot comfortable when out of water. The glove-like toe design keeps everything in place and protects your toes from bunching. They have 12 drainage holes in the sole to make water run as soon as you step out and the elastic band pulls to keep them secure. They come in a variety of colours making them suitable for anyone as there is something for all tastes.

9. Sperry Men’s Maritime Slip-on Water Shoe

They look like a pair of shoe’s you’d find at the skate park but the super breathable design makes them suitable for water sports. They might be the best looking water shoes available and with the meshed upper and side slits to allow water to drain, they are also very practical. They are lightweight but more durable than most water shoes and with a lot of grip from the Wave-Siping traction, they are built to withstand slippery surfaces. Ideal for any water sport, they will help you to enjoy your time in the water and when they dry, you can wear them home.

8. Body Glove Men’s 3T Barefoot Cinch Water Shoe

It’s easy to say these fit like a glove because they are shaped to fit like one, holding your toes in place to keep your foot secure. The rubber sole has breathable holes on the sole, with meshing to allow water to drain and keep your foot comfortable when out of the water. You’ll find that they dry very quickly and have a good amount of traction whilst still allowing you to feel the ground. They are perfect for water activities including paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, and beyond. They allow you to maintain your natural posture and although the design isn’t for everyone, they perform very well.

7. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

It’s always tempting to put the original crocs design on the list but although a lot of people love them, they aren’t as well suited to water activities as these sandals. The meshed upper allows them to remain super breathable throughout and helps water to drain instantly when back on dry land. They are ideal for exploring riverbeds and walks along the beach and are stylish enough to be worn around town. The feature flexed grooves to give them a good amount of traction and with a rugged toe arch, they give you the confidence to move on uneven surfaces.

6. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Low Rise Hiking Shoes

Traditionally hiking shoes, are so versatile with the toe protector that they are well-suited to water sports. The 3mm lug depth makes them more grippy than the sip-on types and the all-around construction is tougher and of high quality. They. can be worn on multiple terrains so are ideal for hikes when you know you are going to have to walk across the water at some point. The midsole gives a great level of balance and serious comfort that allows you to travel long distances and get more use out of them.

5. VIFUUR Water Sports Slip-on for Men Women Kids

It’s hard to argue against the value you get here. they might not be made of the most durable materials but for casual water sports or someone who doesn’t need to wear them often, these are an excellent choice. These rubber-soled water shoes come in loads of colours so whether you want to go with the understated black, or get a colour pop from the likes of yellow, cheetah print, or floral patterns and beyond, there is something for all tastes. The smooth neck works to prevent chafing when they’re on and they fit like a sock to keep you comfortable. They are flexible with a good amount of grip to make sure you can have fun when around water.

4. SIMARI Mens Womens Water shoe Sports

These quick-drying water shoes are more rugged than most and suitable for men and women. Simari has given them 8 drainage holes underneath that allow them to keep your feet comfortable when coming out of the water and the tough yet lightweight lycra is stretchy and wear-resistant. They compress down to a small size so they can just fit into the bottom of your bag and with a rubber sole, they are anti-slip with a good amount of cushioning to make them suitable for long periods of wear.

3. Speedo Women’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe

A high-performance water shoe from a reliable brand, Speedo impresses with this well-made option. This women’s water shoe features a vibrant pink logo and a stretchy upper that makes it feel like a sock when on. The durable sole is what makes it so good for water sports, it takes the edge off of sharp surfaces thanks to the strong synthetic material. They dry quickly and are anti-slip. Extremely breathable when on, they can be worn for longer than a lot of other water shoes and are easy to clean.

2. Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip On Water Shoes Black Size: 9 UK(M)

These are the best women’s water shoes and with their slip-on style with pull tab at the back, they are one of the most convenient you can find. For the price, they offer good value. The gum rubber sole is thick so gives you good protection on harder rocks and river beds but also has meshing and indents to allow water to drain easily. The cushioning is plush which gives them a good amount of bounce back. They’re perfect for a day at the beach or a short hike along the river.

1. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Water Shoes

Without a doubt the best water shoes on the market, Keen makes durable hiking shoes and in this product, they have tailored it to be perfect for use in and around water. Of course, they are also great for long hikes and can be worn all day thanks to the cushioned mid-sole that shapes to your foot for added comfort. Then there is the to arch that gives you the support and confidence to step on any terrain or water. The Aegis microbe shield protects it from bacteria which can be harmful to you and the shoe itself. The lug pattern gives it impressive traction and grip making it perfect for water sports. They are the most comfortable and high-performing water shoes you will find.

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