10 Key Things To Know Before Investing In Dream House


It has become a dream for every individual these days to have their own house where they can enjoy themselves with their friends and family away from all the worries.

Dream House

It has become a dream for every individual these days to have their own dream house where they can enjoy themselves with their friends and family away from all the worries. Since the lifestyle has picked up a significant pace in today’s date, choosing a home buying option as per your living condition isn’t a daunting task for urban dwellers. 

However, the real challenge comes with the decision we have to make with one since the options are endless and there are a lot of amenities to offer. For instance, medallion apartments, Mohali city has become the perfect choice for residential purposes along with the property investment in the contemporary world. 

Away from the hustle and bustle of the professional world, when you come back home you need an apartment that makes you feel cozy, lively, and puts various benefits for your comfort. However, buying your dream apartment goes through a lot of big and small decisions. And that is why we are here today with this article that will serve as a guide book and puts the 10 key factors you need to ensure before sealing the apartment deal. Let’s move forward with them:

1. Location Should Be Well-accessed

The first thing to keep in mind that the apartment should be placed at a good location and have all the required facilities nearby. You can live with a minor adjustment or change things later. But with a false or distant location, you won’t be able to change or live comfortably with.

2. The Neighborhood Shouldn’t Disturb Your Privacy And Peace

Not just the dream house, but your neighborhood should also meet the standards of your expectations and satisfy the requirements you and your family members have. This is because you with your family will be living for most of your lifetime in the same neighborhood and there’s no need to say that having good people around contributes to the well-being of the house and family.

3. Having The Correct Site Of The Chosen Apartment

Apart from the major location, you need to know where exactly your dream house will be? Whether your apartment’s window will face the neighbor’s window or you would be able to enjoy a perfect sunset and sunrise? Do they have yards available where you can have a small garden, play with kids, or use it for other purposes?

4. Final Structure And Layout

One critical point with apartment selection is the structural integrity and the layout of the apartment. The medallion luxury apartment price won’t disappoint you since it is a ready-to-move-in flat where you can go and see things set correctly for all the usual purposes. The other things you can check for are cracking, broken sealants, and other such indicators.

5. Security Is The Need Of The Hour

Unlike an isolated dream house, you will see that apartment blocks have more movement of people in that area. Not only the residents, but their guests and relatives will be visiting their place too. The modern world has a risk involved with security concerns so ensure that your apartment blocks have enough CCTV coverage along with guard patrolling.

6. Amenities Provided In And Out Of The Apartment Block

Some of the commonly available amenities that you need to look for are sports and games centers, gym, swimming pools, community rooms, storage facilities, children’s areas, business center, fitness center, and laundry rooms.

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7. Social Facilities Within Reach

Every homebuyer would want to have a certain set of preferences and expectations, however, there are few things that they all want in common. This includes quick and nearby access to hospitals, shopping malls, schools, parks, and grocery markets for a comfortable living.

8. Additional Costs Of Living

As a homeowner, you are responsible to manage and handle all the extra costs you could face with living at your apartment. This includes security guards, regular maintenance, and cleaning staff. Apart from that, you have various other expenses while moving-in. When you sit and calculate all these expenses, you would see that it will cover 10-15% of the basic price of the apartment itself.

9. Verification For The Legal Documents

Purchasing a home includes a long list of crucial legal paperwork that cannot afford any sort of mistakes with itself. These mistakes can be very big later on and you should carefully verify the title and ownership of the seller along with other attached documents. This includes the identity of the seller, relevant certificates and licenses, construction approvals, encumbrance, land use permissions, and tax payment status.

10. Getting Financial Help From Banks

If you have a restrained budget, you can always look up to various banks that can provide you with financial assistance. Another thing that will be sorted here is that you would be able to check blacklisted builders by the bank since they have a history of malpractice and a bad reputation. It is important to steer clear from them and the bank would help you with that.

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