4 Reasons to Use a Family Dental Plan in Houston, TX

Let’s face it: most dental procedures aren’t very affordable. Treatments like dental implants can even cost several thousand dollars. These expensive price tags sometimes result in skipping appointments and putting off necessary treatment, which can have detrimental consequences on a patient’s oral health. If you want to make dental procedures, visit the family dentist in Houston, TX to receive a comprehensive family plan. That’s because not every patient has dental insurance. And those who have it only get some portion of the costs covered for a few procedures.

Here are the top four reasons why you should use a family dental plan now.

Increase in dentist’s fee

It would be best if you used your family dental plan before the start of another year. That’s because dentists usually increase their fees at the beginning of each year. They do it because of the increased cost of living, materials, and equipment that comes after New Year’s eve. But if you don’t use it before the start of the year, not only the dentist’s fees will be increased, but it will also lead to a problem discussed below.

No rollover

The annual maximum is the maximum amount of money that an insurance provider will pay for your dental care within one year. You can renew it at the start of every year. But if you don’t use it, your benefits won’t carry over to the following year. That means the money you spent on getting you will lose the dental plan unused.

Deductions without usage

Even when you don’t use your dental plan, you will notice some amount being deducted from each paycheck. This will waste your money with no actual benefit. To solve this issue, you should go for regular checkups and cleanings.

It doesn’t mean you will have to undergo extensive treatment unnecessarily. You want to visit the dentist to help prevent and identify early signs of cavities, gum disease, or oral cancer. More often than not, these dental problems show little or no early symptoms and only become prominent when they worsen your condition. By going to the dentist for regular checkups and cleaning, you can avoid such complications and make use of the benefits that you paid for.

Dental problems worsen when neglected.

Delaying necessary treatments will only worsen your condition. Skipping appointments is never a good idea for your oral health and wellness. Patients who neglect necessary treatments end up paying more for extensive treatments later. For example, if you need a simple tooth decay procedure, you should get one and treat the problem once and for all. If not, you will likely need root canal therapy in the future, which is a more expensive and complicated procedure.

No insurance, no worries, we have got you covered with flexible financing!

Not everyone has a dental insurance plan. And patients who do have it can’t save money on every procedure. Insurances are for treatments that are deemed medically necessary. So, treatments like regular checkups or cosmetic procedures are mostly out of the pocket for many. Well, not anymore!

To make your appointment more affordable and stress-free, you can get in-house dental saving plans at Hermann Park Smiles. We offer zero waiting periods, no secret deductibles, no maximum limit, and definitely no missing tooth clause!

You can get an adult and child dental plan for an entire year and receive two comprehensive exams, X-rays, two cleanings, and a 20% discount on almost all treatments. So, if you don’t have dental insurance and want to make dental care affordable for you and your family, contact our dental office today. Feel free to discuss your concerns with our dentists. We always have a solution to all your dental problems.

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