5 Health Supplements to Boost Your Immunity in 2021

5 Health Supplements to Boost Your Immunity in 2021

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With COVID-19 inducing widespread change across the length and breadth of the world, people are increasingly turning onwards boosting immunity. 

The trend is fast witnessing several existing as well as new health brands launching natural food products and combination medicines, to add to the natural defense mechanism.

Building immunity is not a hard task. A combination of optimum sleep, a healthy lifestyle, and nutritious food habits can go a long way to build immunity like never before. 

As an aid to that, multiple research studies have depicted the intake of health supplements as a surefire way to up your immunity game.

Nevertheless, with a plethora of multi-mineral supplements on offer, which is the ideal choice? 

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to find out in this post. 

Read on to find out about 5 must-have health supplements that can readily shape up your body’s defense system in 2021.

5 Health Supplements to Shape your Body’s Defense System in 2021

Zinc supplements 

Generally, zinc is added as a mineral to a large number of health supplements, owing to its natural properties to boost human immune function. 

Zinc plays a functional role to treat inflammations and also contributes to cell development. 

Zinc-induced deficiencies are known to cripple the immune system, which in turn, increases the risk of a multitude of diseases, primarily among them being pneumonia.

Reportedly, close to two billion individuals around the globe suffer from the deficiency of zinc, among which thirty percent are older adults.

Furthermore, zinc has also been found to play a significant role to offer protection against major diseases involving the respiratory tracts, like the common cold for instance. 

Zinc-based multi-mineral supplements can be consumed on a long-term basis and are relatively considered to be safe (upper limit no more than 40mg).

Multi-Mineral Supplements

Multi-mineral supplements have been found to play a rather significant role as it affects both enzymes as well as coenzyme functioning, helping to regulate metabolism and overall cellular growth. 

One of the best multi-mineral supplements in the market, True Minerals, is devoid of both calcium (to mitigate chances of anxiety and keep away obsessive-compulsive disorders from triggering) and magnesium (to deal with issues like gut infections for sensitive individuals).

Also, True Minerals happens to be a vegetarian capsule, with key components being microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, L-leucine, and water. 

Additionally, the formula is also free from a range of allergens that include wheat, soybeans, shellfish, tree nuts, gluten, milk, or casein, as well as contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.  

Vitamin D 

Resting as a fat-soluble nutrient, Vitamin D forms an essential part of several multi-mineral supplements consumed to boost the immune system. 

Vitamin-D is known to boost the body’s capability to help fight pathogens, especially the macrophages, as well as monocytes within the white blood cells. 

As such, intake of Vitamin-D supplements greatly helps in reducing inflammation. 

Anyone suffering from Vitamin-D deficiency is known to be at risk of developing respiratory tract infections, including asthma and influenza. 

Moreover, Vitamin D-induced multi-mineral supplements can also significantly enhance the response to a wide range of antiviral treatments for conditions like HIV as well as Hepatitis-C.

The recommended range of Vitamin-D within a supplement that can be consumed on a per-day basis, rests somewhere between 1,000-4,000 IU. In case of any serious ailment, there might be situations when the intake of Vitamin-D can be raised at the recommendation of a medical professional. 


A powerful antioxidant, Curcumin plays an important role as a major component of multi-mineral supplements that help enhance the body’s inflammatory responses. 

Curcumin, which is a yellowish-orange-colored spice is derived from the Turmeric plant and has been used for decades to fight conditions related to cardiovascular and mental health.

Curcumin, within a multi-mineral supplement, is known to enhance the response of antibodies, lymphocytes, and B-cell proliferation. Studies have depicted how Curcumin is capable of modulating growth as well as the cellular response of various types to boost overall immunity. 

Curcumin reports a very poor rate of solubility in water, and thus consuming the same in its otherwise native state can significantly limit its therapeutic effects. 


When it comes to immunity, omega-3s are yet another component that makes a difference.

A string of research studies has suggested how omega-3 fatty acids, namely DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) can help boost immunity as it significantly brings down the stress responses coming from cells, which further leads enhances sub-health.

To restore and repair the damaged body cells, following an injury or a prolonged illness, our body triggers short cell responses as a part of its physiological process. However, when the short cell responses are extensive, they can be detrimental to healthy tissues and cells leading to chronic conditions.

With its ability to help synthesize all potent signal molecules, Omega-3s can significantly lower the short cell responses and tune back the body into its normal state soon after the conflicts are neutralized. 

Multi-mineral supplements enriched with Omega-3s are known to supplement your daily intake coming from other dietary sources, like fatty fishes. Together, they help balance the body’s response to varying levels of cellular stress.

Wrap up 

Undeniably, natural foods are your best source to boost immunity. However, multi-mineral supplements when taken in coordination with your daily diet can significantly usher a change in your body’s natural defense mechanism.

In the event of recent events following the COVID-induced pandemic, you must make multi-mineral supplements an important inclusion in your life.

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