8 Best Tweezers in 2022 – Reviews


Some people think that when it comes to tweezers, one size fits all and that’s that! Well, as with every fashionable item you can think of, tweezers have evolved. To make styling those eyebrows easy, they come with all sorts of functions to make recreating that arch you found online a simple task.

Whether you need to pick those strays to tame your brow or give it a new shape and style, the best tweezers make the task so much easier. They are made from different materials, come in their unique shapes and some even come as part of a pack. We’ve taken the pain out of researching and have compiled a list of the top ten tweezers.

Best Tweezers – Top List

8. Revlon Perfectweeze – Slant Tip

Revlon Perfectweeze

These scissor tweezers are ideal for those who have weak hands or find it hard to grip but still want to shape their brows to today’s style. You can reach the stray hairs from any angle thanks to the slant tip that makes it easy to pluck when you have it in your grasp. The comfortable handle is smooth but grippy enough for you to have complete control the whole time. Despite being a scissor design, they don’t often cut the hair so you get to pull each one out without worrying.


7. Sally Hansen Eazy Tweezy-Comfort Grip

Sally Hansen Eazy Tweezy-Comfort Grip

Sometimes, simple designs just needs a little extra something to make them stand out. In the Sally Hansen tweezer here you get a comfortable grip for when you need to spend more time shaping the curves of your brow. the slant tip is very accurate and grasps the hair without it slipping out. Since 1957, this brand has been making reliable beauty products and the ultra-fine grip and stainless steel body, these tweezers carry on the trend. For a twist on your regular tweezer at a good price, this is a good option.


6. Andlane Tweezers for Eyebrows

Andlane Tweezers for Eyebrows

This is a kit for those who demand precision and take their time when shaping eyebrows. It features 4 different tweezers for various uses including the pointed tip that helps to remove ingrown hair, or the pointed slant for expert shaping. In the price bracket, it is the best tweezer set you will find to make plucking easy thanks to the slip-free texture. It is made from premium stainless steel and has a professional feel to it. No matter what you want your brows to look like, this kit makes it possible to achieve stunning results.


5. Four Piece Tweezer Set – Leather Travel Case – Purebello

Four Piece Tweezer Set

This colourful multi-set is great for travel because the set of four tweezers comes in a travel case that protects them in transit. Each one looks great and is made of stainless steel. The different shapes at the tips serve a unique purpose so if you have an ingrown hair that is starting to annoy, you can use the sharp tweezers to dig it out. There are also tweezers to shape and remove longer hairs without cutting them before you pull them out.


4. Revlon Expert Tweezer, Slant Tip

Revlon Expert Tweezer

From the people who know everything there is to know about beauty comes this slant tip tweezer that has the perfect tension which keeps you firmly in control. They are some of the most precise tweezers you can buy thanks to the matte grip design that doesn’t slip as you sculpt the perfect shape. For anyone who seems to go through tweezers far too quickly, you’ll be pleased to know that these come with a lifetime guarantee and can be bought in multipacks.


3. Antonki Precision Tweezer Set,

Antonki Precision Tweezer Set

If you want to create the same look as the professional beauticians then you need the tools for the job. This set gives you everything you need to tackle every type of hair including ingrown hairs, shaping the brow, facial hair, and more. These are so durable they can even be used for arts and crafts and watch repairs! Each one comes with a plastic tip cover so they are safe wherever you choose to store them. They are made in the USA and have a super-strong feel means they are built to last.


2. Tweezerman Neon Pink Slant Tweezers

Tweezerman Neon Pink Slant Tweezers

For many people, Tweezerman is the go-to brand in the business. They come in a variety of eye-catching designs including vibrant neon pink, and zebra pattern. You’ll find this in the makeup bag of some of the world’s most famous models and beauticians because it offers precise plucking. The steel lips have been filed by hand to make sure they get hold of the hair without cutting it first. It is made to a 25-degree angle which is ideal for plucking hairs and the German stainless steel design is of the highest quality.


1. Tweezers Set – Tweezer Guru Stainless Steel Slant Tip

Tweezer Guru Stainless Steel Slant Tip

Other products come with more tweezers, but in this price range, the quality is unheard of. There are two high-quality tweezers included and the fine tip option allows you to get to ingrown hairs and remove them with ease. The modern design is available in black or blue so it is well suited to either men or women and they have the right amount of tension that feels good as you clasp. They are so precise that you won’t get any scarring once the hair has been removed and you can use the two together to get the look you want every time.


Tweezers Buyers Guide

Even the simplest of items in a makeup bag can make a huge difference, and tweezers are one such product where a little quality can go a long way. As basic as they might seem, accuracy is key when it comes to sculpting eyebrows or removing stray hairs. To ensure you get the look you are after, it is important to understand what the modern tweezer should be capable of.

Because of this, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In Tweezers


Arguably the most important feature in quality tweezers is the ability to be able to hold onto a difficult to reach hair. Although plucking eyebrows is not the sort of task that should be done in a rush, it can be frustrating to lose grip of a hair that is difficult to reach so the less time spent on this the better.

Comfortable Hold

Most tweezers excel at this but some go the extra mile and use more comfortable materials on the handle make them easier to hold. This is another area where grip is important, but also an ergonomic design with a curve in the right place to make it easier to keep your grip true. The length of the tweezer can be important here, anything over a few inches is going to be easier to hold.

The Right Tip

Whilst there is a tip for every occasion, it is important to make sure you are using the right one for the job. Some are better for removing clumps of hair whilst others are built for accuracy. We discuss the different types and their uses below.


Stainless steel is the most common material used as not only is it affordable, but it is lightweight, easy to handle, and is easy on the skin where others can irritate.


Although this might be low on the priority list compared to some of the other traits, it can b fun to match it to your makeup brushes, or to find a unique color that you like.

Different Types Of Tweezer Tips

Depending on what you need to use them for, some tweezers are going to be better suited than others. From an ingrown hair to the eyebrows, here are the different types for every situation:

Slant Tip

The slanted edge makes it easier to pluck with accuracy whether it be a single hair you have been looking to remove for a while or multiple hairs. These are the most common type of tweezer tip, and most people consider them to be a must-have in any makeup bag.

Flat Tip

Some people will call this a square tip they are good when working without precision and just need a lot of grip on hairs. Not one for shaping eyebrows, but good for removing stray hairs on other parts of the face.

Curved Tip

Any tweezer with a curved tip is best used for crafts. The small intricate crafts such as attaching gemstones in combination with a glue gun. Where precision is key, a firm grip is good but a curved one also ensures that stones don’t end up scratched.

Round Tip

In beauty applications, they are not built for accuracy and tend to grip multiple hairs at a time which can be useful. They are more forgiving and are not going to hurt if they come into contact with the skin like the other types.

Pointed Tip

Not as forgiving thanks to the thin tip, but when you need an accurate pluck, they are among the best. Often used for blackheads and ingrown thanks to their ability to pierce the top layer of the skin without too much aggravation. The point will come in different thickness making them sharper. If you have ever struggled to remove a splinter, try using a pointed tip tweezer next time.

Do I Need Tweezers With An LED Light?

Unless you live in a cave, then this is an unnecessary addition that can be kept as a simple item. There are other fun features available such as brushes at the opposite end to straighten those brows out, but all this can be left behind at the price of a quality product that does what it is supposed to.

There is no need to pay triple for a product that still only has one purpose – pluck hair.

What Is The Best Tweezer?

For us, no one tweezer is enough as a slant tip will not be so useful for a splinter. This is why we recommend tweezers set from Tweezer Guru above all else. Made from stainless steel, this includes a pointed tip tweezer and a slant tip. This covers most of the main beauty uses for tweezers and it all comes at a reasonable price. The tweezers have a quality feel, are comfortable hold, and stay sharp for a long time.

To top it all off, they come with protective covers, something that not enough brands do – ideal for when you are rummaging in your makeup bag, and want to avoid being stabbed by your accessories!

How Much Do Quality Tweezers Cost?

Although all the tweezers we recommend are likely to be a worthwhile upgrade, they will not break the bank, as no tweezer should. Our top recommended product can be found for under $10, and even the pricier products don’t creep much over $20.

Can Tweezers Be Sharpened?

Yes, they can. Some people will send their tweezers off to a professional to have them returned good as new, but it is possible to sharpen them at home. An emery board can be used to sharpen them in a hurry and do a good job of making them better at gripping stray hairs.

Should You Wash Tweezers?

It is always a good idea to wash your beauty accessories from time to time, especially tweezers,. Antibacterial hand soap and warm water can be enough for the handles and some rubbing alcohol on the tips. It is always good practice to wash them after every use to reduce the risk of infection.

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