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Blend New Version Features in Your Gojek Clone App 2021

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The Gojek Clone application is one of the biggest technological feats of the present times. As more and more people migrate towards a single app for multiple services kind of culture, it has become evident that the future completely rests with entrepreneurs who have accessed the digital platform. But an app is only as good as its features. This is why; even if you are in the market looking for a Gojek clone, you have to make sure that you pick only the one with the most advanced features.

Before we get to discussing all these features and where you can purchase the right Gojek Clone app from, let us try to understand the nature and scope of the Gojek Clone app.

What is the Gojek Clone app?

Since the Gojek Clone app caters to so many services, there is still some confusion with respect to exactly what the Gojek Clone app can do and whether it is a suitable business option for most entrepreneurs or not. 

Basically, the Gojek Clone application is a further developed or enhanced app primary based on the structure of the Gojek App. We say enhanced because the Gojek Clone app relies on a single download and a single log in to provide access to over 70 different kinds of services.

The types of services catered within the Gojek Clone app are:

  1. Taxi Service
  2. Parcel Delivery Service
  3. Store based delivery service including:
    1. Food Delivery
    2. Grocery Delivery
    3. Bottled Water Delivery
    4. Alcohol Delivery
    5. Medicines and other medical supplies delivery
    6. Flower Delivery
    7. Baked items delivery
    8. And any other store based delivery
  4. Service Providers including:
      1. On demand Doctor
      2. On Demand Electrician
      3. On Demand Beautician
      4. On Demand Plumber
      5. On Demand handyman
      6. On Demand Tutor
      7. On Demand Tow Truck
      8. On Demand Gardener
      9. On Demand Lawn Mower
      10. On Demand Snow Plougher
      11. On Demand Maid
      12. On Demand Window Cleaners
      13. On Demand Car Wash
      14. On Demand Locksmith
      15. On Demand Housekeeping
      16. On Demand Cooks
      17. On Demand Babysitter
      18. On Demand Dog Walker
    1. And so on and so forth.

Advanced features of the Gojek Clone app

There are many Gojek Clone apps in the market, but unless you have the version with the advanced features, your climb to success is going to be slightly more challenging. Let us take a look at the advanced features that you should look for in your Gojek Clone app.

  • Single Download

While some apps promise multiple services they have many in app downloads when you switch from one service to the other. This is something that you want to avoid. Asking your customers to download apps again and again will only result in them leaving for good.

  • Single Log In

Logging in to an app is perhaps the most tedious of all things to do. No one likes to fill in long registration forms, especially if they have to do it multiple times within the same app. This is why your Gojek Clone app should have a single log in facility to access all the services within the app. What’s more, it will be even more convenient if you allow your app to log in using an existing social media account or Gmail.

  • Website Booking

IT is hard to imagine someone without their smart phones in today’s times; however, in case someone doesn’t wish to download your app, or probably does not have immediate access to their device, they should be able to hire a service provider using your brand’s website as well. This will definitely draw in a lot more users.

  • Different Commission for Different Services

Rates and charges for every service are different. A tutor might charge something much different from what a beautician charges. There are material costs, labor costs and other variables that affect the pricing of each service provider. This is why; you should be able to charge a different commission amount from them all. This way; all your service providers will be able to make fair earning while you continue to thrive. 

  • Geo Fencing

In case there are areas within your app’s region that you do not wish to serve due to government restrictions, jurisdiction variance, or owing to any other reason, you should be able to create geo fences within the app that automatically declines requests generating from that area.

Where to get your on demand multi service app, the Gojek Clone from?

There are hundreds of on demand multi service Gojek Clone apps in the market, but if you are seriously looking for a practical business solution rather than a prop app, you must only purchase your Gojek Clone from a reputed and reliable white label on demand mobile app development company with 7 to 9 years of experience in not just building on demand apps but also launching them on the Google Play store and the iOS app store.

Make sure that you test the app thoroughly by downloading it to multiple devices and then trying it out from the users, service provider’s store owners and admin’s perspective. Since the app is a very important part of your business, make sure that you don’t rush through this step. Take your time and test it for every possibility.

Only once you are sure that you like it, go ahead with the purchase. Always insist on having a clear and written Non-Disclosure Agreement that can protect your interests and help you maintain anonymity with respect to where you procured the app from.

Lastly, if the white label on demand mobile app Development Company you have purchased the app from is truly reliable and reputed, it will have other clients from different parts of the world who have purchased the app. Go through their testimonials and reviews to be absolutely certain of the quality of the Gojek Clone app and the general work ethic of the company that you are purchasing the app from.

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