Bringing Benefit In Business With Modular Exhibition Stands


Modular exhibition stands have various key benefits that are taken into consideration previously by many companies.

For the companies that are still on a small or medium level, getting engaged in any customized exhibition stand can turn out to be an expensive event and often have some restrictions. Using such types of stands can turn out to be a horrific event since there will be a lot of shortcomings in them and getting the perfection would go out of their budget. 

To make things better in this situation, they have modular exhibition stands available to display your design. These stands have various key benefits that are taken into consideration previously by many companies. Some of the best benefits we will be shedding lights on in this article are mentioned below: 

  • Portability
  • Quick setup to save time and efforts from team members
  • Able to deliver the message with vibrant designs
  • You get more delivery in less
  • The re-usability of these stands is an awesome feature

Let’s talk about all these benefits in detail:

1. The first benefit is obvious, portability

These exhibition stands are created with a modular display framework and they are much efficient during traveling compared to the traditional ones. The modular designs mean that the framework can be dismantled into smaller components that are more manageable and then packed into compact bundles. 

These bundles are then packed into their respective traveling cases and can easily be placed in the back of the vehicle. Another bonus here is that these packages after putting in travel cases can be shipped to the respective location using FedEx or UPS to have more cost reduction and solve storage issues. 

The lightweight and modular design of these stands have also one thing that delivering the whole structure from one location to the next is much easier than the custom stands. Sometimes these locations are tough to access but modular exhibition systems have such flexibility that they make things easier.

2. Time-saving quick installation process

Most of the companies that are starting up newly in the big market do not look to engage more workforce initially. Under such circumstances, it is absolutely important to have such a stand that can be built quickly without needing much time and effort. 

Modular displays are small, portable and they become the ideal choice for them. These types of displays are easy to manage even for a small team to install and disassemble quickly and easily. 

Another fact to understand here is that no tools or levers are needed since this means bringing in extra skilled labor that will demand its labor costs which these companies want to avoid initially. The quick process of assembling and installation means that the team members have the advantage to focus on performing during the exhibition and produce a profitable business.

3. Catchy designs and vibrant options

With these modular stands, you can have the same usage as custom exhibition stands. There are various graphic applications available and with structural versatility, exhibitors like to capitalize on anything they have in serving. 

It becomes easy with them to bring a high-impact, catchy design that looks visually pleasing without spending a fortune and that too in half the time. Another significant advantage you have with these portable displays is that they are small and graphics can be interchanged. 

In the case of the large display designs, it required bigger graphics to work on so that the entire framework can be covered. With the printing methods of the same graphics, the process becomes as expensive as you are putting in the framework without the facility of being replaceable. 

A sustainable option is provided in these smaller portable displays where the interchanging of these graphics is possible easily. Also, the amount of investment you can keep saving with the smaller graphics can be further invested in producing even higher resolution graphics to catch more attention.

4. More done in less

Since these stands have the modularity option available this means that there are multiple configurations you can do with them and mold as per the demand of dimensions required at the exhibition. 

The pieces used are interconnecting and interchangeable and this means that the exhibitors can bring such displays that go well with their expectations and allotted space. 

People think that with portable displays you have to compromise on the results and quality of the design and this is not the case. They go easy on the pocket, allow the chances for diversification and have better optimization with time at various events.

5. Re-usability of stands

Lastly, one of the best benefits you can have with modular exhibition stands is that they can be used over and over again without losing the quality. 

This is the opposite situation seen with the custom exhibition stands that are made to be served a single purpose only with their design and framework. Once the exhibition ends up, the custom exhibition stands’ framework is either glued or nailed so destruction becomes the only option with them.

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