Skin is an important part of our body. We should be thankful that skin protects us from the harmful effects of weather and sunlight by working as a nice cover. It’s our duty to keep this cover clean and healthy to be protected for years to come. Alas, some women completely show reckless behavior towards skincare regime due to hectic routine or heavy workload, they end up with dull and rough skin.

Today we have plenty of useful skincare tips to follow and try at home, but we must keep in mind that these tips may do some harm instead of doing good as well, so they must be picked very carefully. Lemon, for example, is being considered as a strong peeling agent, it helps make a nice paste with good ingredients which are used for home remedies. What if I told you that this agent can be very harmful if it is used in a bit excess amount on problematic skin? The skin with acne or red spots can have a worse effect if raw lemon juice is applied to it; therefore it is necessary that you do your proper research before you apply stuff to your face. The results are never guaranteed, if someone is telling you that their formula is effective and it will give you 100 per cent results, they are lying to you. A formula for skincare working for a girl may not work for you even if you don’t change its ingredients; it’s because of different skin types.

Always include three important skincare products in your dressing drawers and these are milk contained cleanser in a nice creamy form, a nice toner to balance the level of skin PH and the last one a repairing cream. The last cream is more important for daily use after the thirties. As your age, your skin needs more moisturizer and more nutrients, for you must keep using a nice repairing cream to eradicate the ageing effect.

Last but not the least, you should always apply a nice SPF cream with a whitening effect when you go out in the sunlight. The cream should be non-greasy and non-comedogenic if your skin is prone to acne. The oily skin may have some diverse effects due to sunscreen protection if it is greasy or oily in texture.