7 Best Small Business VoIP Services of 2022

Voip for small business

Business voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) services allow your team to communicate and collaborate virtually and track customer and prospect interactions. Providers of the best VoIP for small business offer affordable plans, thoughtful feature sets, and easy-to-use phone systems. This enables small companies and entrepreneurs to quickly set up new numbers or port existing ones for a seamless … Read more

The Difference between Downloading & Streaming Media

In today’s world of digital media, you hear a lot about downloading and streaming music, movies and other media. Some people can get confused about the difference between downloading and streaming. For example, is watching any YouTube video is considered downloading or streaming? This guide will break down the main differences between these two kinds … Read more

What do you need To Know about Smart Home Technology?

What do you need To Know about Smart Home Technology?

What is a Smart Home? A smart(home) or a “green” home uses technology to help you save money, conserve energy and water, lower your greenhouse emissions and generally live more efficiently. It can include efficient lighting packages, solar panels – even recycling units – which all work together to create an eco-friendly environment where the … Read more

How to fix Windows Error 0x0 0x0 Error

Everything You Need to Know About 0x0 0x0 Error

Every now and then, you are prompted with the error code 0x0 0x0. You must wonder what does it mean, isn’t it? Well, if you are getting this windows error again and again, then continue with this blog to find your answer. You will learn why this error occurs and how to solve it on … Read more

RTC connecting issue in Discord, Sounds familiar?

RTC connecting issue in Discord, Sounds familiar?

Discord is a VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol application that helps, with a group of technologies, to deliver voice commands and communications alongside multimedia symposiums using the internet. A platform that enables the digital distribution of content. Video calls, text messages, voice messages, you name it, it has it. With these features, it has strongly … Read more

Blend New Version Features in Your Gojek Clone App 2021

Gojek Clone apps

The Gojek Clone application is one of the biggest technological feats of the present times. As more and more people migrate towards a single app for multiple services kind of culture, it has become evident that the future completely rests with entrepreneurs who have accessed the digital platform. But an app is only as good … Read more

How to fix outlook search feature not working issue

The outlook is a personalized information manager online application developed by Microsoft for the efficient utilization of time. Outlook comprises webmail, calendaring, contacts, and other services. As applicable as Outlook sounds, there are some errors faced by its users now and then. But just like in other applications, there are a few issues yet to … Read more