Common Mistakes in Garage Door Installation

Common Mistakes in Garage Door Installation

A garage door serves multiple purposes; it adds elegance to the house along with providing security. For proper functioning of the door, its installation should be error-free. It does not matter if you are an expert in DIYs or a rookie; garage door installation always requires an expert touch. Garage door repair in Richmond, TX, offers the best services at most affordable prices.

7 common mistakes made during garage door installation

Mistakes while attachment of the garage door can also cost a person its life. It is best to thoroughly prepare yourself for potential issues that might come your way.

1. Wrong choice of garage door

The garage door plays an important role not only for curb appeal but also for security. There are many types of doors available to choose from. Carriage doors, swing outdoors, or classic roll up. Few things that you must keep in mind are

  • Compatibility with the garage door openers
  • Adequate space for the cars for mobility and fitting
  • Fit according to the theme

2. Installation without precision

It is best not to rush during installation. It will save time but cost a lot more than just money. If you have decided to install yourself, take a deep breath and read the instructions manual carefully. Here’s a list of the basic tool that you must have when starting work; you must also possess other tools mentioned in the manual.

  • Level
  • cordless drill
  • socket set
  • adjustable wrench
  • screwdriver
  • step ladder

3. Compromising with quality

If you select a door merely because it is cheap, it can greatly affect the quality of service it will provide. The door is an investment that will add to the house’s overall look and increase its worth. A poor-quality door will cost you less at the time of purchase, but repeated repairs will take a toll on your wallet.

4. Misplacement of garage door opener

It is vital to connect the opener to the right place. Otherwise, it would not work properly. There are two important things to look for.

Firstly, place the lift motor on the center of the door opening to prevent bending of the panels. Secondly, if the door requires torsion springs, you can install the opener somewhere other than the center. Read the instruction manual to understand apt placement.

5. Neglecting the track system

If the track system is installed incorrectly by any chance, you will end up having a misaligned door. The door, if it fails to lock, could be threatening. It could jam at a crucial time when you are all set to leave or during an emergency.

Make sure to use a screwdriver and level to check the track system mid-installation.

6. Wrong choice of hardware fasteners

People often cheap out when it comes to hardware fasteners; they feel that nails cost less than screws. It is true; nails work fine for immovable things. But, after some time, they will break.

The best choice for installing a garage door is a lag screw, a solid choice for load-bearing objects.

7. Working alone

It is not wise to start this project all alone without external help. The springs could cause serious injury to your hand. Professional help will is advised to avoid accidents.

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