Effective Methods To Clean a Steering Wheel

What are steering wheels?

The steering wheel, also known as a driving wheel, is a part that controls manoeuvering the vehicle. It is used in modern automobiles that are used on land. From cars, buses, or trucks to tractors, all have a steering wheel.

A steering wheel is not the only thing that allows the car to move; it is a part of the whole steering system. The person driving can take control of the wheel. Meanwhile, the system reacts according to the driver movement input.

How to Clean a Steering Wheel?

A steering wheel can easily store oil, dirt, and a lot of bacteria if not regularly cleaned. Its maintenance is crucial for proper working and long-lasting life.

If the cleaning is neglected, then the oil buildup will make the wheel slippery. Here’s an insight on how to clean the steering wheel effectively.

Washing daily buildup by cleaning cloth

Make a best-suited cleaning solution according to the type of steering wheel. let’s have a look at the preparation method of the cleaner

  1. Take three parts disinfectant and mix it with one part water. This works best for steering wheels made up of either faux leather or plastic.
  2. In the case of wood, get a wood polish for a better finish.
  3. Faux and genuine leather are two different materials. If yours is made up of genuine or original leather, it is apt to use leather cleaner or conditioner.

Once you have selected the cleaner according to the material, transfer the solution to a spray bottle. Next, spray the cleaning solution on a soft towel until it gets damp. Be careful not to spray the solution on the steering wheel directly.

Now, gently start cleaning the steering wheel. Place the damp cloth on it and turn around the wheel; make sure not to use a lot of pressure; otherwise, the color will come off.

Now, take a fresh cloth, moisten it up with water and clean off the cleaner residue on the steering wheel.

If there is an unavailability of fresh cloth, a paper towel will suffice as well.

Finally, dry the steering wheel off using a cloth or tissue.

 Use an interior scrub pad

It is perfect for in-ground 

tough dirt that does not come off easily with a cloth.

Spray the cleaner on a scrub pad and stroke the steering wheel. The toothbrush also works if you are not sure about using a scrub pad due to discoloration issues.

Steam cleaners

Great for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing the steering wheel surface. It is a nonchemical method, which is why popular amongst the users but is slightly more expensive. However, there is an added advantage to it. With this method, we can clean the steering wheel and the rest of the car easily.

Take the nozzle, start the flow, and spread the moisture evenly all over. Immediately, in a gentle manner, wipe off the moisture being left behind.

Use of a good protectant

Maintenance is as important as cleaning the surface. Spray the protectant and wipe it clean with a cloth until it’s dry.

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