Hacks to sell your rolex watch in UK

Hacks to sell your rolex watch in UK

You have several different choices on how to proceed with the sale process while deciding to sell your sell your Rolex watch in UK. We want to tell you the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy here, so you can make an educated decision. The amount of cash you will get in exchange for your watch depends largely on the brand, model and condition, but also on the supply and demand for your unique model. In this respect, Rolex is the best brand, since they are still in high demand and their reputation is also more maintained than many other luxury watch brands.

For your expensive watch, it might take quite some time to find a buyer; a buyer who is willing to pay the price you want for it and agree to your terms. Many challenges await, such as not having the means to check that you are a legitimate seller, not being able to provide a warranty on the watch, or not selling the watch and meeting the right buyer could all lead to a long selling price that might not even achieve your target price in the end. We know because we can hold onto those watches for a few months until a year before finding a serious buyer who will purchase the pre-owned model, even as experienced resellers.

  • Sell to Friends, Family or Work-Colleague-

One of the simplest and safest ways to get a good price for your Rolex is probably to ask your close network of friends, relatives, and work colleagues. In your circle of relatives, colleagues or acquaintances, try to locate someone who may be interested in buying your luxury watch. There may be a poster board or email list if you work for a larger corporation that you may be able to use to promote your sale purpose. Are you going to get top dollar? To you, that’s up. Will you like to charge top dollar for your good friends? This strategy has some potential disadvantages:

How do you assess a fair price in order to be happy with both? You have to take the wear-and-tear into consideration, and if done at an official Rolex service center, the next routine service may be very expensive. Then, if by no fault of your own, within a few months of the sale, something happens to the watch or the buyer sees a better price elsewhere, even if it’s for a fake replica version. These factors can make a simple transaction between friends a trigger for a tension in the future in your relationship.

  • In your Market on the Street

Get a trench coat and stand and try to sell your luxury watch on the corner. All right-this is not very serious-but it’s possible and could be fun. Just imagine, as a customer, how you would feel. If the watch is authentic, how can you know? Of course, you could go to a watch expert to authenticate the watch, but this approach is not usually recommended at all.

  • In the Pawn Shop

Maybe going to the nearest pawn shop and getting some money for it is the best way to get cash for your luxury watch. But this is also the way to get the lowest possible value for your watch, in most instances. Many pawn stores do not specialize in expensive watches, but they considerably discount their bid because they take into account the difficulty of purchasing the watch. Also, instead of buying it from you on the spot, pawn shops might only be interested in lending you money and holding the watch as collateral.

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  • Local Rolex Boutique

Rolex and other luxury watch brands do not like to see anybody selling their watches, even approved dealers; hence, your Rolex would probably not be bought by an official Rolex boutique. And if they buy, since their retail store has high operating costs, they need to discount their bid by a high margin; they won’t give you the best selling price for your watch. You should go to see what you’re told by them.

  • Jewelry Shop

This is not a bad thing because it is less likely that you will be scammed by going to a reputable local jeweler who has a retail store front. If you walk into the shop and try to sell it, local jewelers with a retail front have a high price mark-up, and usually pay bottom dollar for a used Rolex watch. They often do not specialize in your specific watch brand, underestimate the other viable choices of a walk-in customer, or simply don’t want to pay top dollar.

  • Sell through Craigslist or other Classified Platforms

Next to the language instructors, used furniture and erotic staff, you can put your watch up on Craigslist. Nice place for a luxury item to sell, huh? Well, it doesn’t really cost a lot to try, except for time and nerves. Seeing what kind of people respond to your ad can be fascinating. In general, whether you sell a real Rolex or a copy, the potential buyer has no idea and you will never know what kind of tricks the potential buyer has up his sleeves. With that, good luck. If you don’t mind encountering random individuals with cash and inventory worth several thousand dollars, then this could be for you.

  • Ebay

It is a decent idea to list your watch on eBay, but it does not come without its pitfalls. You will be able to open an account, take some photos of your watch, and place it on eBay and then finally sell your rolex watch. But over the course of several years, you most frequently need excellent feedback, and you need checked feedback selling high-priced goods, not your usual garage sale items. Without any good feedback, will you purchase an item from some stranger? In general, before you can find a buyer who is willing to pay a fair price there, it can take quite some time. Don’t forget about the eBay fees that can be up to $750/watch, not including the other 3 percent Paypal charge, in many instances it’s just over $1,000 in fees before any money goes in to your pocket.

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