How long does it take to replace a roof?

We often get asked, “how long does it take to replace a roof?” The answer is — it depends on several factors. The length of time required to replace a roof is not the same for everyone. Professionals can replace a roof in 1-3 days for an average-sized home under optimal conditions.

Factors that determine how long it takes to replace a roof

Following are some important factors that should be considered while estimating the duration of roof replacement.

1. Weather

Roof replacement time depends on the weather condition. Roof replacements in cold weather require additional steps that result in extra time. Cold weather can also affect how the shingles stick and sealants, which may prolong the length of time needed for roof replacement. You may also want to stop roof replacement if you see rain in the forecast.

2. The complexity of your roof

How complex your roof depends on its number of facets, valleys, pitch, hips, and angles, which will affect how long it’ll take and the roof replacement cost. A roof with many facets at different angles and steep pitch takes longer to replace than a simple roof with only a few roof facets.

A complex roof requires safety precautions that a contractor has to take. The higher off the ground a roof is, the more precautions roofers must take for their own safety. And so, the slower movement and more careful approach make it longer to replace a roof.

3. A roof accessibility

The accessibility of your roof is simply the ability for your roofers to access the roof. This includes tearing off the old roof, dumping the debris into the dump truck, and taking the new roofing materials back up for installation.

A roof with a fence, bushes, and no paved surfaces will require more time for a roof replacement than a roof with easy access.

4. Structural damage

If only the shingles require replacement, your roof replacement will be relatively quick. However, if there’s structural damage to the roof deck, additional repairs can prolong the total duration of roof replacement.

5. Total house size

The smaller your home is, the sooner you’ll get done with your roof replacement project. Similarly, larger homes need a longer time. In the roofing business, roofers usually price according to your roof size.

A quick roof replacement isn’t always better.

Be warned that some roof replacement companies promise to do the replacement in a single day, which isn’t always the best practice. In most cases, these companies will not take safety measures and perform a proper cleanup after getting it done. This often results in improper or faulty roof installations and replacement.

Contact Kraft Roofing and Construction

The time required for roof replacement can be between a day and a week. If you want a reliable roofing company, contact roof repair service in Tomball. At Kraft Roofing, we make every effort to estimate the time required for your roof replacement. Call us today for more information.

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