How to apply winged eyeliner in Arabic style

How to apply winged eyeliner in Arabic style

With the passage of time the Arabic style winged eyeliner is becoming popular among the women of Asian and Europeans as well. Therefore, for every girl who is conscious about their beauty and loved to apply makeup perfectly must know about the basic technique to apply winged eyeliner in Arabic style so that they can enhance their beauty. We try our best to explain you this technique in easy and simple steps. So, must try it to apply by taking help from this tutorial. So, let’s start with the things, you must have to make it.

You will need following things to apply winged eyeliner in Arabic style:

  • Eyeliner brush
  • Black eyeliner cream
  • Kohl
  • Gray eye shadow

Step by step tutorial to apply winged eyeliner in Arabic style:


  1. First of all, take a brush with black eyeliner cream in it then start drawing a line by keeping distance between the eyelashes and eyebrows. The line should be start from outer lash line corner towards close to your eyebrows.
  2. Now, draw another line towards your eye crease by starting from the winged line.
  3. You have to draw small line near to your winged line and with the help of eyeliner define your crease line.
  4. Now, define your lower lash line by starting from the other winged line. You should keep 1 inch distance between your natural lash-line. Around the tear duct, create an outline. Make all the lines darker once you feel satisfy that all the lines are perfectly drawn.
  5. Now, inside the waterline apply kohl and fill these lines with dark blackish eyeliner.
  6. To give a perfect look to your eye, apply a gray eye shade on the upper eye lid.

Hopefully, you understand all the steps clearly. This is very easy and simply way to apply winged eyeliner in Arabic style so much try it at home. If you have big and beautiful eye then this style of eyeliner will look awesome on you. Once you understand the basic technique of creating this style then all the further steps are very easy to follow. You can also apply mascara to add little more glamour to your eye or can use artificial eyelashes. Remember, one thing that first draw all lines with light pencil once it drawn perfectly then use blackish eyeliner to make it darker. If you want to receive compliments from your friends and loved once then must try it. You will look so beautiful by apply eyeliner that everyone will attract towards you.  If you have any question regarding to this tutorial then you can ask with us without hesitation. So, stay connected with us to learn more different and unique styles of applying makeup.

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