How To Clean Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker


Tired of drinking warm summer drinks? Are you missing out on the exquisite taste of that bar-style soft chewable ice where ever you go? Well, now you don’t have to worry, because with Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker, you can have the ability to make your own nugget ice at the comfort of your own home! The Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker is a convenient and easy to use appliance that produces pound of nugget ice quickly, so that you can always have plenty of nugget ice on hand for any occasion.

But of course, with any kitchen appliance, it is important to make sure that you take good care of it in order to keep it running smoothly. This means that it is important to clean your Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker on a regular basis. To help you get started, here are some easy steps to help you keep your Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker clean and functioning optimally.

First, it is important to start off by disinfecting the ice maker by using a mild solution of water and vinegar or bleach. If you are using a vinegar solution, you can use a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water, and make sure to thoroughly wipe down all of the surfaces, including the inside of the ice maker. If you are using bleach, you will want to use a much weaker solution of one teaspoon of bleach to one gallon of water, and make sure to carefully rinse off all of the surfaces with plenty of clean water afterwards.

Secondly, you will want to remove any excess ice from the ice maker by either emptying the ice bucket or running a self-cleaning cycle, depending on the model of your appliance. Once you have done this, you will want to clean the ice bucket and interior of the ice maker by wiping it down with a damp cloth or sponge.

Thirdly, you will want to thoroughly clean the condenser and evaporator coils. These are the coils that help to cool the air, so you will want to make sure that they are not clogged or dirty. You can use a brush or vacuum to clean these coils, just make sure not to damage them in the process. This will help to ensure that your ice maker is running optimally and producing the best quality ice.

Finally, you will want to make sure to rinse off and dry all surfaces of the ice maker to remove any remaining residue and bacteria. This is particularly important with certain materials, such as stainless steel, which is prone to corrosion and rusting. Make sure to use a soft cloth to gently wipe your appliance down and leave it out to dry completely before putting it away.

Cleaning your Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker may seem like a daunting task, but when done right and on a regular basis, you will find that it is quick and easy to do. Not only will your ice maker remain in top condition, but you will be able to enjoy delicious chilled beverages whenever you please!

In conclusion, cleaning your Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker is a very important and necessary task. Taking the above steps to ensure that you properly clean and disinfect your ice maker will help to keep it running optimally, so that you can enjoy the delicious delight of nugget ice for years to come.

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