How To Create A Magento Mobile App In Android/Ios Instantly?

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Magento is an open-source app builder platform that works based on PHP. It helps in managing the components of a small or massive eCommerce app. Due to its simple architecture, it is used across the globe by many store owners. Being the most demanded platform for developing a mobile app, Magento has changed the pattern of the business market. Inculcating some vivid and simple features, it has attracted many eCommerce owners to choose Magento 2 mobile app platform to build their mobile eCommerce application.

Why Magento app for your eCommerce business?

  • According to, mobile commerce will make up to 45% of all eCommerce which is about to generate $284 in 2020.
  • Magento is ranked number 6 in India in the open source category.
  • Merchants and eCommerce owners using Magento had grown 3 times faster on average.
  • Magento ignites 1.2% of the internet.
  • Magento is the 2nd most popular platform for the eCommerce market.
  • Among all the top 10k websites available, Magento alone has a share of 16%.
  • Magento has grabbed the #1 position on the internet retailer 1000 list for the past four years in a row.
  • Talking about internet retailer B2B e-commerce 300 lists, Magento has again topped the list.
  • More than 10k customers have migrated from different platforms like OpenCart, osCommerce, and VirtueMart to Magento in the previous year.

I hope the above statistics have given you the importance of the Magento app platform for your business. Let me share with you more ideas on why Magento is the best choice for your market.

Do you know that merchants who design their eCommerce app grow 3x times faster due to its simplicity and flexible customization?

Yes, Magento offers you 4000 extensions for easy customization of your eCommerce store. They also provide you with thousands of varieties of themes and templates.

How to build a Magento 2 mobile app?

M-commerce is the most recent eCommerce business that has been reforming the world. Snaps and swipes are the user activities that rule the M-commerce industry. It is fundamental to decide to enlist the best Magento Mobile application advancement organization to construct an astounding application that coordinates your prerequisites and spending plan.

If you’re looking to build your Magento mobile application, this will be probably the best choice of your life. analyze and understand the current patterns in the market. Identify your intended audience and create a user-friendly and feature-rich Magento 2 mobile app.

Best Way to build Magento-2 Mobile Application

You should opt for custom advancement for Magento mobile application. Some eCommerce business owners are opting for ready-made arrangements for portable application advancement. However, this would deny you uniqueness. You may have a few conditions while picking a prepared answer for your mobile application. The best thing is to pick the best Magento 2 mobile application advancement administrations supplier organization to construct a stunning arrangement that gives space to customization, guarantees improved execution, gives a consistent shopping experience across all gadgets, and builds your sales.

Steps to build Magento Mobile App In Android/Ios

  • Create UI

We as a whole know the significance of eye-infectious UI for versatile applications. Magento 2 offers different plan layouts to browse. Each entrepreneur or Magento portable application engineer should zero in on the visual elements of the interface to make appealing and eye-infectious plans that pull the consideration of the expected shoppers. Staggering plans and instinctive interfaces for portable internet business applications can help you make more deals on the web.

  • Integrate essential features

Decide on the highlights of the eCommerce mobile application with Magento. The mobile application for multi-seller with perfect highlights can improve the customer experience. Make sure your application includes all of the basic highlights needed in a mobile application. Remember that your mobile application should provide charming and non-disruptive insight to customers while shopping. The ease of use of search channels, predictive pursuit, web-based media joining, message popups, predictive hunting, and simple checkout measures are probably the main highlights in Magento’s mobile application.

  • Progress Extensions

Magento 2 is stacked with a number of enhancements to help customers and engineers get the most out of it. Each Magento 2 extension is designed to simplify errands for administrators and vendors. Whether you need to add live conversations or need a plugin for constant information, Magento 2 has everything.

  • Install the app with API credentials

In-application buys are a hot trend nowadays. Entrepreneurs anticipate great administrations. You can incorporate a shopping application with API accreditations. Magento 2 web API system offers SOAP and REST API. Three distinct sorts of confirmations are utilized for portable applications.

  • Publish to Google Play and App Store

This is the final step to improve your Magento 2 mobile application. Name your application before it is published on Google and App Store.  Ensure that you follow the rules when submitting your app to each app store.

  • Engage your customers

Customers like to shop at stores or portable apps that offer an alternative for visiting or transferring items to colleagues. Constant call weather can be a decent component of your next Magento mobile app enhancement. You can improve your offerings by connecting more customers with Magento 2.

  • Message pop-ups

Message pop-ups can be an incredible method to connect with your mobile customers. Advise your customers about limits, offers, arrangements, and updates through message pop-ups. Such pop-up messages can assist your clients with getting data straightforwardly to their fingertips.

  • Promotional Programs

Customer devotion projects and free business gifts or pricing can help you draw customers for your versatile Magento 2 application. Time-scheduled projects of any kind must be made possible by the Magento-Portable application to transfer more customers to your website and convert them to your customers.

  • Multiple Currency and Language Support

You can create a multilingual online business website with Magento 2. Tolerating various monetary standards is additionally conceivable with Magento 2 versatile application improvement arrangements.


Why choose Bigziel readymade Magento app solution for Android and iOS platforms to ingrain in your Business:

Bigziel is a Magento 2 mobile app builder that catalyzes your dream of crafting a successful mobile app for your business using the Magento app platform within no time. The app is 100% customizable and you can add or modify anything on the go. Let me put forth the list of features in the Magento app builder.

Contemporarily, Bigziel has extended these features of Magento and added them in the android/iOS app they develop. The app which is built on Magento can range from different sectors like eCommerce, the hyperlocal, marketplace, and other such places.

To make you reach the next milestone in your business, here we are extending our help to find and design the best mobile app with Magento that would render you with uncompromising performance.

How do we make you stand proud and unique amidst the crowd?

You can always be the creator and designer of your Magento mobile app’s look. Bigziel Magento mobile app offers a wide range of looks for your mobile app. You can create your Magento mobile app for various vertices with your creativeness and ideology. You can even fashion the look of your Magento app by customizing colors and shaping every pixel of your app the style you want in your app. Just pour in your ideas and we are here to make your dream come true.

Bigziel will make your business meet its goals with accomplishments and awards. Call us to book an appointment with our experts to know more about your product and build your Magento mobile app on whatever platform you choose.

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