How to do Cranberry spritzer eye makeup tutorial?

For this cool winter season enjoy the occasions and events with beautiful cranberry spritzer eye makeup. The combination of red and brown eye shadows brings warmth to your face and a pigment spritzer of duo-chrome looks stunning. At the last, set artificial eyelashes will give you a glamorous look.  It is very easy and simple to do cranberry spritzer eye makeup. You can do beautiful eye makeup by yourself easily at home. You just have to buy the following bushes, eye shadows colors and follows this tutorial step by step to do perfect eye makeup.

Eyeshades, you need to do makeup:

You will need the following brushes to do makeup:

  • Bent liner brush of makeup Greek
  • Soft dome brush of makeup Greek
  • Outer V brush of makeup Greek
  • Defined crease brush of makeup Greek
  • Pencil brush of make Greek
  • Crease brush of makeup Greek
  • Zoeva 232 flat synthetic brush

Step by step tutorial to do makeup:

  1. First of all, whisk the mixture of peach smoothie and mango tango into the crease. Blend it upward and create a smooth look with the help of a soft dome brush.
  2. Take cocoa bear eye shadow and deepen the crease with it by using a crease brush. Bring it in a downward direction onto the lid slightly.
  3. Using a flat stiff brush pat poppy onto the outer third of the eyelid.
  4. Now, onto the outer v area apply bitten eye shadow with the help of outer v brush.
  5. By using your ring finger, apply pat hologram all over the eyelid and also diffuse it on the edges slightly. You can also use a flat stiff brush instead of your ring finger.
  6. To the inner corner of the eye, apply a small pop of Whimsical as a highlighter with the help of a pencil brush.
  7. Now, apply a gel liner of makeup Greek in immortal.
  8. Finish it by setting false eyelashes and apply mascara on it.

I hope, you will understand this makeup tutorial easily. If you follow all steps of this tutorial then you can easily apply this beautiful eye makeup.  To learn more beautiful eye makeup tutorials, stay connected with our website.

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