How to do Glamorous Emerald Eye Makeup Tutorial

How to do Glamorous Emerald Eye Makeup Tutorial

Are you looking for beautiful eye makeup for the party? If yes, then you are at right place because today I’m going to share with you on of the best eye makeup tutorial i.e. glamorous emerald eye makeup.Well, there are a lot eye shadows colors but when it is a matter of party then you have to select some vibrant eye shades like emerald. An amazing thing about this color is that it is very beautiful. With the help of this awesome color, you can also make your eye look bigger and attractive.You can look gorgeous by applying this awesome eye shade. It will go perfect with green colored dress. We just give you an idea about how to use correct combination of eye shadow colors and then it is your choice to add or do some creativity with it to add more glamour in it. So, let’s start that what you have to do to enhance the beauty of your eye by apply this shade.

You need following things to make glamorous emerald eye makeup:

  • Emerald eye shadow
  • Beige eye shadow
  • Black eye shadow
  • Bronze black eye pencil
  • Mascara

Step by step tutorial to make glamorous emerald eye makeup:

  1. First of all apply a foundation on upper and lower lid of the eye and cover your dark circles with concealer.
  2. Now, on the outer V area of your eye apply a dark black eye shadow and also apply it to the area close to your lash line. Remember, no need to blend it.
  3. Now, start applying emerald eye shadow from the point where outer V area comes to an end.
  4. On your upper eyelid spread it below the crease area. Don’t apply it on the inner V are because you need to apply light yellow eye shadow in that area.
  5. Apply a small line of green eye shade on the lower eye lid near to the lash line. So, now you have half lower lid area with black shade and the other half with green shade.
  6. Now, apply bronze black eye shade on your eye crease area.
  7. Bit under your green lid line, apply a beige eye shadow.
  8. Now, take black eye pencil and fill your waterline with it.
  9. Apply black mascara on your eye lashes to enhance the beauty of your eye. You can also use false eyelashes.

Hopefully, you understand this tutorial properly. It is very beautiful eye makeup for parties so, you must try it. If you have any question regarding this tutorial then you can ask us without hesitation. If you want to get more makeup ideas then stay connected with our website.

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