How to fix outlook search feature not working issue

The outlook is a personalized information manager online application developed by Microsoft for the efficient utilization of time. Outlook comprises webmail, calendaring, contacts, and other services. As applicable as Outlook sounds, there are some errors faced by its users now and then. But just like in other applications, there are a few issues yet to be resolved for Outlook.
One of these issues is Outlook search not working. Fortunately, you will find fixes to the same problem in this blog. There are multiple ways to fix it; however, you can try the next if one method does not work. If you are unable to search in Outlook for any mail as such, this blog is for your rescue.

Methods to fix outlook email not searching

If the problem of Outlook email search not working persists longer and it further hampers your task, you can start initially by rebuilding the Outlook index. You can rebuild the Outlook index through two methods. These methods are as follow:

Rebuild outlook index: programs & features

To resolve Outlook not searching mail, start searching for Control Panel on your desktop. Type Control in your computer’s search bar; the search bar is located in the bottom-left corner of your screen. The first option upon your Search should be Control Panel – open it. Locate Programs in the control panel, click on it, and click on Programs and Features in this folder. Once Programs and Features open, locate Outlook (Your version), or you can select Microsoft Office (your version) entirely. To make the changes, choose Changes at the top menu. This will open a window with two options; Quick Repair or Online Repair – choose Quick Repair and then choose Repair. Please note that the quick Repair repairs the issue without a connection to the internet. Give the processing time to complete, then restart your system. This method may also solve the Outlook search no results problem.

• Rebuild outlook index: index repair menu

Open Outlook, and then click on the File option placed on the top-left corner. In File, click on options and then click on Search. Now select Index option, then Advanced; lastly, select Rebuild and click OK for confirmation. Finally, after Rebuild completes, restart your system.

• Index location

Another solution for the Outlook search function not working is checking Outlook Index Locations. To do this, open File written on the top-left corner, then select Options, then search, and then Indexing options. Now choose Modify from the options. Finally, click OK to confirm.

• Windows registry fix

You can fix the outlook search function not working through Windows Registry. First, you need to open the run dialog by pressing Windows Key and ‘R’ key simultaneously. Now in that text box, type Reedit and press enter. This should open the Registry editor for you. Next, press Control and F together to initiate the search menu, then copy past the registry key:

Once you have found it, select the entire right-hand panel, then right-click on it to choose Dword (32-bit). Rename the new Dword and change it to Prevent Indexing Outlook and assign it the value 0. Finally, press OK to confirm. You need to wait for it to finish and then restart your system. Also, check whether Outlook Indexing slows so that it can get fixed as well.

• Update microsoft office

One of the most common reasons that issue like Outlook search not working occur is that outdated Microsoft Office or particularly Outlook. To update Microsoft Office, open Outlook and click on File. From the drop-down list, click on Office Account. You have to check under the Product Information for any available update option. If there are any updates that are presently available then click on Update Now.

• Outlook personal folder file repair

You can repair your Outlook personal folder file (.PST) through Inbox Repair Tool to fix outlook email search not working. The reason for Outlook not searching emails is a corrupted file in the Outlook personal folder file. The location of the repair tool depends upon the Outlook version you are using. You have to find scanpst.exe on your computer. Refer to the following list for comprehension and finding the element.

– C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16\ – 32-bit Office 2016 or 64-bit Outlook 2016
– C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16 – 64-bit Office 2016
– C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\office16\ – Office 365 (2016 package)
– C:\Program Files|Microsoft Office\Office15 – 32-bit Office 2013 or 64-bit Outlook 2013
– C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15 – 64-bit Outlook 2013
– C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\office15\ – Office 365 (2013 package)

Once you have found scanpst.exe, right-click it and click on Run as administrator. Open the browser and past the location on the URL. Select the appropriate account, then press Open, and then Start. This process can take a few minutes. Wait for it to finish, and then check if the search function is not working.

The methods and solutions mentioned in this blog should solve the outlook search function not working. If none of these methods or solutions work out for you, please reach out to our team of experts. Once repaired, Outlook will start to perform smoothly like no problem ever existed.

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