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If you are aspiring to get good marks in NEET 2021 Exam, it is really important for you to give proper emphasis to the Physics subject as this is the most easy subject to score better marks in the examination. Make a target to score 170+ in NEET 2021 physics individually. 

As the dates have not been announced yet, it is really important to know and plan a customized strategy for yourself after analyzing your grip on the topics as per the strengths and weaknesses in each subject. In 2020, the examination had at least 1 question from each topic so DO NOT depend only on important chapters, definitely you should give emphasis to those chapters which carry more weight-age or greater number of questions are expected from the topic. In Physics, it is important for you to give individual attention to each and every topic mentioned in the book.

You may go through the NEET 2021 physics in order to understand the preparation strategy.

NCERT is a must:

Give weight-age to NCERT at priority. It is a holy book for the preparation of NEET 2021 Exam. Sometimes, you may see questions copy paste from NCERT while you attempt previous years questions or mock tests because this happens generally, this is why NCERT is must to read and go through it for at least 2-3 times and then proceed further to other reference books.

Doing 500 questions one time is not worthy; rather attempting 100 questions 5 times will fetch you more marks in the examination.

Have a plan:

Devote at least 2-2:30 hours to Physics individually everyday. As you have a good amount of time in hand, you should plan and strategize your schedule firstly on a monthly basis, then weekly basis and then daily basis. Plan in such a way that you have at least 1 month in your hand to revise each and every topic thoroughly.  Check this video

Win Every day:

Make a checklist; plan your every day a night previous to the next day that is make a plan for Monday on sunday night in order to make you next day more productive. Once you are done with all the work you planned, it will give a vibe of winning and will give you a next level of positivity.

Make notes:

Keep a separate copy of notes while studying the chapter and make important notes simultaneously. It will be helpful to you in the last moment of preparation.

Once you are done with NCERT completely, go through the following reference books one be one for practice:


Physics reference books
Physics for NEET by C.P. Singh
40 Days Physics for NEET by S.B. Tripathi
Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
Objective Physics By DC Pandey
Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma
Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
Fundamental Physics by Pradeep


Practice questions for NEET:

Take mock tests as soon as you are done with the chapters in order to make a strong grip over the topic. Once done with the mock test, analyze your mistakes and further work on the key areas as much as you can to overcome your gaps.

Here is the complete roadmap for the preparation of NEET 2021 physics Exam along with the ideal days that need to be devoted and the number of expected questions in each topic.

Physics Chapters and topicsAverage no. of Questions from the chapterWeightage of the chapter and topic (In percentage)
Centre of Mass11%
Laws of Motion37%
Mechanics of Solids & Fluids23%
Rotational motion11%
System of Particle & Rigid Body37%
Units and Measurement12%
Work, Energy and power24%
Kinetic Theory of Gases12%
Properties of Bulk Matter13%
Thermal Properties of Matter12%
Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism36%
Electric Charge & Field12%
Electromagnetic Wave11%
Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance12%
Alternating Current13%
Current Electricity36%
Electromagnetic Induction12%
Semiconductor Electronics36%
Atoms & Nuclei25%
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter24%
Ray Optics & Optical Instrument35%
Wave optics24%


It’s great if you complete the chapter before the given time, it will be utilized in those topics in which you feel you are weak.

Revise daily:

By the end of the day, keep 1 hour for revision of all those topics you have covered in the whole day. This will get the topics you have covered on your tips.

Hope this article will help. Stay tuned for more information and updates related to NEET 2021.

Team Grade-up.

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