Is R Panel Roofing Right For My Project?

Is R Panel Roofing Right For My Project?

If you’re looking for the right metal panel roof for your project, you might know there are various options to choose from. Among many options, one metal panel becoming popular because of its great value at a lower price is R-Panel. While R-Panel roofs are most often used in industrial and agricultural buildings, they can be used in residential and commercial properties.

When choosing a new roof, it’s essential to look for the system that meets the building’s durability, functions, and aesthetic needs. And R-Panel Roofing might provide you all of that.

That said, let’s find out what R-Panel Roofing is and discuss its pros and cons. After being equipped with the necessary information, contact your roofing contractor in Kingwood, TX, to know more about it.

What is R-Panel Roofing?

R-panel is a roofing industry term used for a metal panel utilized in the pre-engineered metal building industry. These sheets are 3’ wide with 12” ribs on the center. The panels are installed with fasteners attached to the structure members below. R-panel is typically used for roofs and walks on pre-engineered metal buildings. However, mainly because of their high affordability, these panels are also used for residential roofing.

Requirements for R-Panel Roofs

There are specific criteria that R-panels have to go through. R-panels are thoroughly tested to ensure their performance. R-panel testing and classifications include fire rating, uplift testing, air and water infiltration, and impact resistance. Moreover, R-panel roofs require a slop of 1:12 at least, and the sealant should be applied in the laps.

Advantages of R-Panel Metal Roofs

R-Panel Metal Roofing Lasts a Long Time

A properly installed metal roof should last about 40 years at least. These roofs are also fire resistant – making them a more cost-effective option over the roof’s lifespan.

R-Panel Metal Roof Installs Fast

A professional roofing contractor can install your R-panel roofs quickly. This comes in handy when your roof is damaged, and a storm is on the way. In fact, you can save some money too if you can shorten the duration of roof installation.

Metal Is Great At Shedding Snow & Rain

R-panel metal roofing is invulnerable to snow and rain. This is because the surfaces are slippery and hard. Moreover, you can go for dark tone metal roofing as it can quickly warm to the sun, which helps snow to melt soon.

Metal Roofing Doesn’t Catch Fire

Metal roofs are non-combustible. This means they have a Class A fire rating. In other words, embers and flying sparks cannot set your R-panel roof on fire.

Metal Surfaces Reflect Heat

As you know, metal reflects heat from the sun. By installing an R-panel metal roof to your home, you can reduce midday heat gain. This benefit can help you save the energy required for air conditioning during the day.


Disadvantages of R-Panel Metal Roofs

R-Panel Roofing are a bit noisy

R-panel roofs can be noisier than a thick slate or tile roof in a hailstorm. But you can minimize the drumming effect by applying the metal over sound-deadening insulation.

R-Panel Metal Can Dent

If you’re living somewhere with hail the size of golf balls, the hail can potentially dent your metal roof. In this case, you should choose a roofing material that is guaranteed not to dent. Or you can use roofing with a ribbed structure that provides rigidity.

Installation Is Not Foolproof

To install a metal roof, you should only contact an experienced roofing contractor. Unlike other roofing materials, only a few roofers are practiced and trained to install metal roofing. For this reason, we recommend you to contact our professional roofing contractor in Kingwood, TX.

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