Is NFL Rigged?

Is the NFL rigged? Here’s what you need to know

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NFL is one of the main reasons why football is the most popular sport in the USA.

Throughout the history of the NFL, fans have been mesmerized by exceptional performances and extraordinary skills on the field.

The Super Bowl, the biggest football event in the world, is watched around the globe, and it always meets the viewers’ expectations. How does it happen?

How do fans play these games naturally, or are there tricks they are unaware of? Let’s examine the NFL for an answer to this question.

Does the NFL have a rigged system?

Most of the NFL’s high-stakes games are rigged, especially those leading up to or in the Super Bowl. Officials and referees rig games by stacking the odds against one team in order to give the other one a win.

The players may also be instructed to throw the game if it will benefit the league. According to the location of the games and the number of fans for each team, the games are rigged to generate more money for sales and viewership.

What are the benefits of rigging games for the NFL?

When you look at it from a financial standpoint, the league might rig games for many reasons. It may be a bit difficult for the players to make this decision, but what can you do about it? Understanding the NFL’s benefit from rigging games is crucial to understanding the situation.

1. Ticket sales

The NFL could fix matches in the week leading up to games of teams that will sell the most tickets. By increasing ticket sales, the league and the team will both make more money.

It is in their best interests to have teams likely to host the Super Bowl win so that the local fans can fill the stadiums and their sponsors can benefit from increased sales and promotion. The Super Bowl always sells out because popular teams are always invited.

2. Rating improvement

The movie should go in the direction that the audience wants. Sports analysts use the same approach to determine what most fans want in terms of victories, giving them what they want.

The NFL ratings keep increasing this way, resulting in more viewership, sponsors, and lucrative deals. There will always be a desire for the NFL to have as many users as possible in order to maintain its income level.

3. To raise the Stakes of the Games

The more you plan, the more you enjoy life, and you don’t even realize it. In the NFL, the games are also rigged to create rivalries between teams and stiff competition to entice fans.

The NFL and its associated teams earn more money as the number of fans increases.

We guarantee that fans will keep coming back for more by picking matchups and winning situations.

If games are left to their own devices, fans may become dissatisfied and their numbers may be reduced. Therefore, NFL officials fix the matches so that they go in a favorable direction.

The Most Rigged Football Games

Especially when it comes to sports, we all love a good conspiracy theory. There are some conspiracies with no basis, and there are others with too much evidence to ignore. The following are a few NFL games that have been rigged;

1. Super Bowl XL

It seems that there is no controversy in this match since the Steelers easily won 21-10. However, that score doesn’t tell the entire story.

On multiple occasions, the SeaHAWKS were flagged on obvious calls in this matchup. There was a sense that they were playing against the officials and the Steelers that night.t night.

Usually, cases like this are brushed aside as fans of opposing teams getting emotional and lying, but this was different.

The referee from the Steelers game, Bill Leavy, opened up a few years later and confessed to throwing the game.

2. Super Bowl III

The Colts entered the Super Bowl as the fan favorite against the Jets. It was a fantastic season for the Colts, and they won every game they played except for one.

Colts lost to jets 16-7 in Super Bowl XLVI. Earl Murray led the team, who was among the best players in the NFL ever.

Only six of Murray’s 17 passes were completed, and three were interceptions.

The game seemed to have been thrown intentionally by the Colts. Almost everyone believes the Colts lost the game to make the AFL look more legitimate.

3. Dallas Cowboys Vs. Green Bay Packers 2014 Divisional Match

As of 5 minutes left in the game, the Packers led 25-21. Dez Bryant, Tony Romo’s wide receiver, was sprinting down the left sideline, and he leapt to grab the ball over the defender.

To the surprise of the viewers, the Packers challenged the catch, and the call was overturned without any inconclusive evidence.

However, the NFL admitted three years later that Dez caught the ball and cost the Cowboys the game.

There are other examples as well, including referees making calls that don’t make sense or teams underperforming to an extent that can’t be explained by logic.

Officials have to do what they are told to do for the NFL, and so they make sure that the games favor the league.

Sport’s Betting’s Role In Sports Rigging

We can simplify the working of a betting organization, even though it is quite complex. Participants place bets on each team, and if they win, they get more money, but if they lose, they lose their money.

There is not that much money going to the winners. Most of the money goes to the companies that run the betting businesses.

These companies control the matches to make more money.

The betting company gets more money when it makes a highly ranked and favored team lose since many people bet on the team.

Because fewer people bet against the team, they lose a lot more money, and they must pay with their money if the team wins.

As of 2018, sports betting is legal in the United States, but this has led to some rigging issues. It has also caused some negative effects, and let’s examine them;

1. It has led to poor officiating of games

Sports leagues across the board, including the NBA, NFL, and many others, have this same story. Betting is conducted by officials when games are played.

It is possible for a referee to be paid off to make the team lose for someone else to make more money by officiating a match.

Refs have admitted to this in several cases, including the NBA coach who was incarcerated for 15 months for his crime.

2. Destruction of talent in players

Occasionally, people offer bribes to key players in order to throw the game. The betting companies benefit from this, as the money lost goes to the people who bet on that team’s victory.

The team might drop players if they participate in such practices.

Young athletes could lose out on a big opportunity if they have nothing to fall back on if this happens.

Imagine going through months of training only to lose because someone told you to throw the ball. The team’s loyal fans can also feel demoralized and hurt.

There is a need for athletes to be protected from such circumstances in the NFL and all other sports associations.

The vast majority of people who bet on sports lose money, so it is not profitable.


NFL matches are rigged in order to increase profits. Various sources within the NFL, including referees, players, coaches, and high-ranking officials, have confirmed this unbelievable claim.

In a natural situation, the NFL would lose ratings, and they do not want to risk it.

Usually, they interfere with high stakes games such as the Super Bowl or those that determine the teams that go to the Super Bowl.

There were some games that were so evidently tampered with that they raised many eyebrows. There is clear favoritism in the NFL as evidenced by referees celebrating after touchdowns.

Legalizing sports betting has changed how games are played in all fields significantly. The players are being messed up by people trying to change match outcomes in unconventional ways.

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