Learn how to apply eyeliner according to eye shape

Learn how to apply eyeliner according to eye shape

The most important and attractive feature of our face is an eye. The beautiful eyes attract others towards you. Everyone have different shape of eyes, some have small eye, some have large eye. To make eye look beautiful and adorable with makeup then the shape of the eyes matter a lot. If you apply eye makeup according to your eye shape then it will enhance your eye beauty. Eyeliner is one of the cosmetics that play a very important role to make eyes attractive. If you apply perfect eyeliner according to your eye shape then it will look awesome. But first of all, you have to know about your eye shape to apply eyeliner. Today, in this article I’m going to share with you some tips to apply eyeliner according to eye shape.

Almond Eyes Shape:

These eyes are same like as almond. Among the all eye shapes it is the idlest shape because every type of eyeliner suits on this type of shape. So, you can apply thin, thick, full eye covered eyeliner. Whatever the way you like to apply eyeliner you can do so. The almond shape eyes are the most beautiful eyes. So there is no special tip for this type of eye.

Wide Eyes:

The wide shape of eyes is that type of shape in which the distances between the eyebrows are wider. So if you have wide eyes then you can apply thin eyeliner. If will suits you more and make your wider distance hide. Follow this tip to apply eyeliner according to your eye shape.  From the corner of the eyes make the eyeliner out. So that your eye will look beautiful and it make the distance hide properly.

Protruding eye shape:

The eye shape that are little bulging from the outside. Apply eyeliner in such a way that your eye looks less prominent in this type of eye shape. If you apply thick dark eyeliner on this type of eyes then it will make your eyes look ugly so try to avoid excess eyeliner keep it decent and light.

Oval shaped eye:

The eye shape that is oval. In this type of eye shape, thick eyeliner suits the most. So you can apply dark and thick eyeliner and make your eyes more attractive and beautiful.

Deep Shaped Eyes:

In this shape the eyes are deep and mostly look small without makeup. You can make this type of eye looks big and attractive while apply kajol inside the eyes then apply thin eyeliner. The thinner eyeliner makes it to look more prominent. Keep it simple and beautiful. If you want to apply thick eyeliner then you can also do so but remember then don’t overload the color eyeshades. Just only go with the eyeliner it will look more decent and attractive.

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