Losing Baby Teeth — Things You Should Know About Before Going to the Dentist in Killeen, TX

It’s not unusual for kids to freak out a little when they’re losing their teeth. At first, parents may also feel concerned about it. However, losing baby teeth is completely normal. In fact, it’s generally considered a major milestone for all kids. Read below to find out when baby teeth fall out, what to do when it comes loose and when it finally falls out.

When to Expect Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Your child’s baby teeth usually begin to loosen when they turn six. This process continues for a few years until all of their baby teeth have shed, usually at the age of 10-12. The first primary teeth to shed are two front teeth of both the upper and lower jaw. Next, lateral incisors fall out, followed by premolars, canines, and second molars.

But the delay in this process is possible. So, if your child is turning six and their teeth still haven’t fallen out, there’s still no need to worry. But of course, you can visit Rodeo Dental Killeen. Our pediatric dentist can clear your concerns and answer your questions right away.

On the other hand, it is also likely for your child to lose teeth quickly. A baby tooth doesn’t usually fall out until a permanent tooth pushes it out, called the resorption process. But in some instances, your child can also lose a tooth early because of an impact or tooth decay. Moreover, your child’s tooth can fall out too soon due to wiggling a loose tooth. A permanent tooth might grow into this vacant space in cases of an early baby tooth fall out. This can likely cause other adult teeth to grow crooked or crowded.

What to Do When It Comes Loose?

Well, it’s natural for kids to wiggle a loose tooth. However, the kid’s friendly dentists recommend avoiding pulling the tooth out forcefully. That said, your child can likely feel uncomfortable when eating or brushing. In those cases, the American Dental Association advises that you can place a tissue over the wiggly tooth in your child’s mouth and gently squeeze it. The loose tooth will fall out without any trouble if it’s ready to come out. But you should do that only if your child feels comfortable with the process.

What to Do when Baby Teeth Fall Out

When your child starts losing baby teeth, you need to reinforce the importance of good oral care. Some of which include:

  • Use positive reinforcement: encourage your child to brush their teeth twice a day.
  • Practice tell-show-do technique: educate your child on cleaning between their teeth and using a kid-friendly interdental cleaning tool.
  • Limit eating unhealthy food
  • Schedule regular visits to your pediatric dentist.

Now that you’re equipped with the necessary information about baby teeth loosening, it’s time to celebrate! As we know, losing baby teeth is a natural process. So, you should help your child prepare for permanent teeth to grow in. This way, you will prepare your child for a lifetime journey of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

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