Metro NY Distribution Centre

  • Network Distribution Centre

Network Distribution Centre is a well-organized processing area of the United States Postal Service that helps in the distribution of mails and package services throughout a designated area. There’s no limit set in terms of delivery, whether it’s one piece or bulk, they’re your savior.

  • Distribution centers

They are the building block of a supply system. Multiple items in bulk are stored here to be sold. From retailers or wholesalers to direct customers, whichever the case may be.

The Metro Station NY Distribution Centre is a part of a much bigger chain, the United States Postal Service shortly referred to as USPS.

USPS (United States Postal Service)

United States Postal Service might seem obsolete since the arrival of private delivery services. Nowadays FedEx or Amazon have gained immense popularity because of the ease to use, but USPS still is a vital part of the retail/ wholesale or consumer industry.

USPS is an agency/ postal facility providing mailing services in the States. It’s an extension from United States Federal Agency. It was initiated in the late 1700s when B. Franklin was appointed as the first postmaster general.

In 1970 it was then modified to an independent department using the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970. Since then, it is serving to the people of America irrespective of the geographical area with standard prices within reach for all.

When compared to other private services, USPS, considering the geography coverage and volume can be declared as the largest postal system there is.

Metro NY Distribution Centre

The US mailing system is spread wide with 250 facilities throughout. The areas are divided and assigned a special zip code for reference and ease of delivery.

The Metro NY Distribution Centre, Morgan P&DC (processing and distribution Center) is situated in New York City and is the biggest postal processing facility. Originating emails from Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island delivering to the Bronx and Manhattan. It also serves the inbound international mails from John F. Kennedy International Service Center.

Capabilities of Metro NY Distribution Centre

To improve the processing capabilities, research was conducted to evaluate and improve its efficiency. It was found that there is a chance to lessen the working hours by approximately 385,365 hours over the upcoming five years, saving up to 15.2 million USD per annum.

For fiscal years 2011 to 2015 fall in productivity was observed ranging about 20-40% lesser than the national average.

  • Reasons to cause the fall

  1. High rejects and Jam rates – messed up alignment or removal of mail pieces that were either too heavy or improper, by the machine operators leading to consumption of more hours reducing efficiency
  2. Poor Management – the imbalance of workload and working hours caused by machine maintenance issues
  • Solutions to improve productivity/efficiency of service

  1. Use of the Run Plan Generator for mail processing machine operation with consistency
  2. Lower the reject and jam rates by segregating heavy/unusual packages
  3. Maintenance of work hour workload balance.

How does Metro NY Distribution Centre Operate?

Two methods are employed for transportation

  1. By air – Metro New York houses three big airports connecting flights from the entire globe. Port Authority New York is responsible to run them.
  2. By train – Rapid train service is provided by Amtrak’s Acela Express. It covers various routes between Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, etc. The route may take 2-3 days but the leisure options provided by them surely know how to engage. Magazines, Wi-Fi, and free drinks? With all these, we’re good to go!

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