RTC connecting issue in Discord, Sounds familiar?

RTC connecting issue in Discord, Sounds familiar?

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Discord is a VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol application that helps, with a group of technologies, to
deliver voice commands and communications alongside multimedia symposiums using the internet.
A platform that enables the digital distribution of content. Video calls, text messages, voice messages, you name it, it has it. With these features, it has strongly gained popularity.

Discord is uniquely user-friendly which was initially programmed to target gamers, to ease
communication between the teammates during playing. Recent versions, however, with various
improvements in the past 5-10 years has grown to be useful and in reach of the general population
as well.

Now, one of the major issues that has come up time and again indicated by the users, is RTC Connection. They are often found stuck on this and can’t seem to pass the barrier. Fear no more, as this article will step by step guide you on how to eradicate the problem.

Understanding the pop-up “RTC Connecting”

Discord uses RTC also known as Real-Time Connecting (WebRTC) protocol to function. It must  be understood that whenever the popup indicating “RTC Connecting” is showing up it means
that the platform is trying to connect and start a video call. RTC in Discord is in control of large
specified servers and you may be asked to get connected to a particular one for it to operate.
Usually, when the internet server is not able to handle the heavy transmission, Discord prompts
the user with this dialogue. Ninety percent of the time this problem can be fixed by simply fixing
the unstable internet connection. Leading to multiple re-connection attempts, and constant
display of this message on the screen.

Other reasons could be:

  • Problems with the server
  • Antivirus / Firewall
  • Change of VPN
  • Network Admin Block
  • Change of server regions
  •  Active IP Address

The next few paragraphs contain all possible solutions to get the application back up and

Fixing “RTC Connecting” in Discord

Need a quick fix? Restart the router and/or your whole system. In all honesty, it may sound like
a rookie move but sometimes the biggest problems require simple solution. Due to dynamic IP,
the change of address in continuity hinders the performance. Restarting would send Discord on
the reset path eventually getting rid of the error. Turn off your computer system, wait for at least
30 seconds, then power it back on.

If the issue does not get resolved via this technique, then we must move on to other steps

1. Unstable Internet Connection

Stable internet service is vital when wanting to use Discord. Maintaining strong
connectivity would guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the application.

2. Antivirus/ Firewall

Sometimes the windows defender/firewall within your system stops the application from
connecting by archiving files or whitelisting Discord. We should temporarily turn off the
defenders and disable the antivirus system for it to start working again.

  • a. Go to windows firewall defender
  • b. Click on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”
  • c. Turn off the firewall.

3. Change of VPN

The people using VPN service for Discord must know that it only works on those VPNs
which have User Datagram Protocol (UDP) since it aids in faster transmission. Try
changing the VPN connection if doesn’t work.

4. Network Admin Block

Network, for instance of schools and offices have blockers; an attempt to connect
Discord on it would not work.

5. Change of Server Regions

If you are connected to a server located afar connectivity issue may arise, choose a
different preferably closely located server and reset the system.

Setting change protocol:

  • a. Go the application
  • b. Click on server name then go to settings
  • c. Select change under server region
  • d. Choose a different server and reconnect.

Connectivity issue during the session can be cumbersome, we hope that the solutions listed
would be of help.

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