The 9 top destinations on your first visit to New Zealand

This is also my dream personal destination!! New Zealand is a dream destination for many travelers like me, and once in a lifetime place to explore. The people of NZ enjoy the open air and can be seen across the country in hunger for outdoor adventure. With wonderful nature parks, sparkling glaciers, Maori culture, and friendly people who do not want to go there. There are therefore the 9 best places to go while in New Zealand tour packages.

Bay of Islands

The ‘Bay Of Islands’ is a big center for fishing, para-sailing, scuba diving, and many other water sports approximately 3 hours from Auckland. When you’re here, take care of the Hole in the Rock tour, one of here’s the most popular cruises, and you can go through the Hole in the Rock if you are lucky and the tides are in your favor. We recommend that you stay a night here instead of doing this as an Auckland trip and we are very sure you won’t be deceived!

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is regarded as one of New Zealand’s largest cities and international air transport hubs. Internal flights to and from Auckland are super-cheap much of the time, and local towns across the North Island are also very well connected, and domestic flights are regular on the South Island. Not only is Auckland world-famous and a heat center for shopping for the Art Gallery and War Memorial. Auckland city’s nightlife is very lively and not to miss a gathering, so make sure your rooms are booked near the city or in the cité when you schedule a holiday.

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

The ‘Waiheke Island,’ which is one of the best places to go for wine degustation, is just 30 minutes from Auckland downtown. Test wine samples as much as you like from the house of some of the most loved vineyards in the world. Make sure that someone is sober to help you get to the hotel. There are some day tours from Auckland, where you can taste some of the country’s finest wines. Waiheke Island and its famous for its vibrant arts culture, beaches, and forests are definitely more to be achieved.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

The Caves of Waitomo Glowworm are lit by thousands of glowworm cells and are among New Zealand’s most unusual locations. Take a boat trip around the cellars to learn about this phenomenon’s history and science. Try Black Water Rafting with The Legendary Black Water rafting company if you’re adventurous enough and want something special and adrenaline pumping. This means you’re going down a subterranean stream with the aid of a tunnel. You are going to get to do everything, from springing from waterfalls to reminiscent walls (except the naturally lit lights – glowworms). 


One place where the rich Maori culture can be experienced and the world renowned ‘Polynesian Spa,’ which restores and rejuvenates the body. The traditional meal cooked by the Maori people can be a part of the Hangi Feast. The city is very remote and people are quiet and happy away from the city. The itinerary next to Auckland is perfectly complemented by its close proximity to the main town and it also takes you away from the heat of the metropolitan area.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, situated on the south-west side of South Island, is very well known as the world’s adventure city. Queenstown is known for its world-class skiing during the winter and spring months (from June to October). It gets even more adventurous during the summer months. You just call the adventure sport and you’ve got it in New Zealand, sports like jumping, skydiving, jet ship riding. If you’re hungry after all these adventure sports and don’t know where to dine directly, head to Fergburger, the best burger on the planet. You’ve heard me right, okay.

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Do you think you could walk an actual New Zealand glacier? Both driven and jaw-dropping Heli Hikes take place in the glacier, Franz Josef. Ice climbing can occur and the ice on the cake needs no technical expertise. The next obvious question for everyone is whether or not you are freezing on top of the temperature. Don’t think about the sun and the temperature on the ice is just a few° cooler than that of the surrounding city.

Christchurch, New Zealand

While Christchurch was shocked by four major earthquakes and they took place in a year, she made a real comeback. Proof of the regeneration of the city can be seen everywhere, such as buildings of old freight containers and other unusual materials, such as the cathedral of carton. The Botanical Gardens are super special, displaying curators, footpaths and horticultural exhibits, and all of Christchurch’s best attractions.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Titled the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” it is an absolute must-experience for nature or greenery on all journeys. You can navigate on a kayaking tour if you want a little more excitement. If the waters and the breathtaking scenery are over, make sure to visit New Zealand’s only floating underwater observer. Visitors can reach over 30 ft deep and get a 360-degree underwater environment while remaining dry.

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