The Benefits of Regular Roof Cleanings

The Benefits of Regular Roof Cleanings

Are you wondering about the benefits of regularly cleaning your roof? While thinking of maintaining the home, most people often neglect the most critical part – roof cleaning! However, considering roof cleaning is primarily the most cost-effective and beneficial aspect of home maintenance. This is because the roof is arguably the most essential part of your house. After all, it does more than just sit there. Your roof keeps out the rain, wind, and weather!


Moreover, roofs are designed to protect people inside as well as the entire house and its contents. So, let’s take a look at why roof cleaning is important in your home maintenance.

Benefit #1: Keep the Best Functioning and Looks

You should clean your roof at least twice a year. If you don’t clean your roof, algae, moss, or lichen will damage your roof. In those cases, you might notice streaking, staining, or dark spots on your roof. Moreover, you should clean your roof after it rains. While rain typically drains away from your roof, surrounding trees may cause dampness on it. Thus, giving a perfect room for these substances to grow.


>When these organisms grow on the roof, it will make it hard for shingles to reflect light. In turn, your roof would absorb heat from the sun and likely increase your air conditioning costs.

Benefit #2: Better Longevity

Another benefit of roof cleaning is that it can make your roof last longer. Yes, you can extend the life of your roof simply by regular cleaning. This will prevent moss, lichen, and algae from destroying the protective qualities of your roofing material. Moreover, these elements can deteriorate your shingles. This will allow water to pool or seep under the damaged shingles, causing seepage over time.


Don’t wait for them to become noticeable. At first, these organisms are often unnoticeable. When they appear in dark patches or blue-green, they have already done the damage. Therefore, a thorough professional roof cleaning can remove and prevent the growth of molds.

Benefit #3: Increase Property Value

Not only is a clean roof long-lasting, but it also improves the overall outlook of your home. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home, you still want to protect your property. Keeping your roof all clean will significantly improve your home’s appeal –thus increasing the value of your property.

Benefit #4: A Good Investment

Though most people consider professional roof cleaning as an expense, it is actually a wise investment. The average cost for professional roof cleaning is around $500, which is much less than the roof replacement cost. Depending on your roof’s condition, age, and weather situation, you should go for professional roof cleaning every 2-5 years.


Professional roofers can clean, inspect, and assess any problems that may occur. This will help you take care of them beforehand and prevent those issues from becoming expensive repairs. If you’re looking for roofing contractors in Champions, TX, contact Telge Roofing. We are experts in roof cleaning, repair, and replacement.

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