There’s a difference between an energy drink and a carbonated drink

There's a difference between an energy drink and a carbonated drink

There’s a difference between an energy drink and a carbonated drink. An energy drink contains stimulants of various types, among many caffeine may be the common one.

Energy drinks help boost physical and mental output to some extent. They may be carbonated as well for having some sugar content in their formula. It depends on the brand of the drinks though, some prefer to use artificial sweeteners to sugar. They may also be using herbal extracts, supplements, minerals and amino acids. The formal varies from one drink to another so does the taste.

Which one of these claims are true about energy drinks and mixers;

A: Carbonation slows down the alcohol absorption in the body.

B: The sugary tastes conceals the taste of alcohol

c: Caffeine keeps the person aware of intoxication level

D: All of the above options



  1. B) The sugary tastes conceals the taste of alcohol


An energy drink may have a lot of the ingredients that help improve physical and mental stimulation in some ways. Even If there is no carbonation, they may still taste sweet and tasty, hiding the taste of alcohol inside them.

The manufacturers use sugar or artificial flavors along with the sweeteners to hide the bitter taste of alcohol. And it also applies to all the soda drinks as well. The cherry flavor drinks taste like real cherries because of the flavors.

In reality, the alcohol tastes unpleasant, sour and too strong to consume in its raw form. Unless you are used to drinking alcohol in its real form you will be uncomfortable with its taste. Therefore, most people mix drinks to dilute the alcohol and it helps balance out the taste as well. You might have seen people making custom packs and punch with the alcohol by using varying amounts of mixer drinks.

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Why option A, C and D are incorrect:

The reason why A, C and D are incorrect because carbonation has nothing to do in slowing down the alcohol abortion in the body. If a drink has .08 percent alcohol in the formula, it will cause the effect that it has to. However, your body weight may take it differently. An individual with higher body weight has more tolerance to the effects than the one with low body weight.

Caffeine does not keep the individual aware of the alcohol percentage in the body. Or it can never make you aware of the level of the intoxication in the system at any point. Therefore, both A and D options are incorrect. The option D is incorrect as well because there’s only the correct option which is B.

What are the fluids that people mix with the alcohol to balance the taste:

  1. Tonic
  2. Carbonated or soda drinks
  3. Sparkling Water
  4. Energy drinks
  5. Sweet juices
  6. Bourbon
  7. Seltzer water

The packs and punches may be in a form of combo of two or three drinks together. It depends on the taste and choice of the individual making the pack of alcohol for personal use.

Over consumption of alcohol along with the soda, carbonated and sugar mixers may have a long-lasting negative impact on the metabolism.Additionally, it can lead to excessive fat storage in the body, causing obesity and weight gain. There are several other health problems that may arise as well.

Although, the bartenders are pro at hiding the sourness of the alcohol by mixing it with different sweet drinks yet sometimes it is impossible. Making a pack with Cocktail or Martinis is not easy because the taste can not be subdued even if a drink with high sugar content is chosen to make a mixture.

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