Top 10 Super Foods to try out in 2021

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The eatables containing higher nutritional values are often called ‘superfoods’. These superfoods aren’t going to provide you some superpowers like DC or Marvel movie characters, rather than these foods will help you maintain great health. Consuming these foods will strengthen both your body and mind.

Including some of the superfoods in your daily diet will make your body capable of fighting a lot of harmful diseases and infections. These foods are anti-inflammatory in nature and can easily flush out toxins from your body. Superfoods are nothing less than a miracle of mother nature which makes it possible for almost every human to live a healthier life.

If you are thinking that superfoods are rare, highly expensive, and hard to own, then let me introduce you to a list of top 10 superfoods to try out in 2021 which can be easily shopped and sent to where ever you live by using a UK Forwarding service, and no, they aren’t expensive at all.

1.Fermented Food

Your stomach is the place in your body where digestion happens and it must be our priority to strengthen gut health. Almost all fermented foods contain a good amount of probiotics. These probiotics are yeast and good bacteria. If you don’t know much about fermented food, here are few mentions – yogurt, kombucha, pickles, kimchi, miso, etc.

Consuming a small portion of these superfoods in rotation can boost your gut health which generally declines with age. Probiotics found in fermented foods also improve body immunity resulting in safeguarding you from infections, viral harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.


Spices carry great anti-inflammatory features and are considered superfoods. Some cultures including Indians use a lot of spices in their daily diet. Most other people having different nationalities and cuisine cultures will find it difficult to tolerate most of the spices.

If you also find Indian food a lot spicy and intolerable, you can use spices in low quantity or can go with fewer spices options too. Turmeric is one of the most used spices in Indian cuisine and it isn’t spicy. You can easily include them in your daily diet even if you aren’t used to Indian spices.

Turmeric is being used both as a spice and medicine for ages in India. Most Indian foods get their color yellowish just because of turmeric which makes it looks at the same time taste great. You can even consume it by mixing it with a glass of lukewarm milk.


It is the only superfood featured here which most people may not find easily. Avocado requires a suitable atmosphere and humidity to grow and it isn’t easy to cultivate avocado everywhere. Due to this fact, it has become a luxuries food and in many places, it is quite expensive.

Avocados are loaded with healthy monosaturated fat which can easily reduce inflammation in our body. It also features high fiber and low carbohydrate content making it perfect for a healthy keto diet. When it comes to nutrients, Avocado has an abundance of them such as

  • Vitamin K, C, E, B5, B6
  • Folate
  • Potassium
  • Niacin
  • Monosaturated Fat etc

4.Olive Oil

Olive oil is truly a brain food. It contains a lot of antioxidants and polyphenols which are capable of improving learning ability and memory. This Mediterranean oil is very useful for people having any mental illness including Alzheimer’s, anxiety, trauma, etc. The polyphenols found in olive oil inhibit the degradation of nerve cells caused by neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid-beta plague.


Many people don’t consider eggs as a portion of healthy food due to their cholesterol content. Researchers have found that egg consumption pros and cons depend on the body type, ethnicity, and genetic buildup. Consuming seven eggs per week doesn’t show any negative impact on our bodies.

Eggs are loaded with a lot of nutritious values such as Vitamin A, B, selenium, iron, choline, phosphorous, etc. When it comes to protein content, eggs are the best source of healthy protein.

6.Leafy Greens

Including leafy greens daily in your diet could be a great move in order to achieve a healthy body and mind. These eatables are rich in fiber which improves digestion and boost gut health. Besides fiber, leafy greens consist of a larger number of other nutrients such as many types of vitamins, minerals, healthy carbs, cyto-nutrients, and many more. You should rotate different kinds of leafy greens in your daily diet including spinach, kale, cabbage, mustard greens, and the list goes on.


Nuts are the powerhouse of healthy fats and are the perfect substitute for processed snacks. Eat nuts instead of junk and factory-made food as snacks. The variety of nuts is just incredible and almost every continent has its native nut variant. Almost every nut species contains Omega-3 fatty acids and these fatty acids are capable of boosting immune health as well as overall well-being.


If you aren’t a huge fan of nuts then you can get healthy fatty acids from another food substitute and that is fish. The fatty acids found in fish are a little different from that of nuts. Other than Omega-3 fatty acids, fishes are a great source of lean protein. The best part about fish protein is that it doesn’t contain harmful cholesterol and is much better than red meat protein.


When it comes to superfoods, the list will be incomplete without including ginger. This spice is used from ancient ages both as a medicine and culinary in most parts of Asia including India. Gingers are rich in an active compound called Gingerol which reduces oxidative stress and maintains inflammation balance. The best thing about ginger is that it can be easily incorporated in most cuisines even you can add it to your herbal tea.


Every continent has its native berry species. When it comes to Indian berry species, the names are many such as mulberry, gooseberry, Kanta berry, Cape gooseberry, goji berries, etc. Almost every berry species is rich in Vitamin C and is loaded with tons of other nutritional values. You can consume a berry variety according to the availability of local berries. The nutritional values of berries featured below:

  • Fiber
  • Vitamin K, C, A, E
  • Minerals – Manganese, iron, etc

Bottom Line:

Maintaining good health these days isn’t an easy job when there are a lot of elements available there capable of making you sick both physically and mentally. The lifestyle change, increased level of junk food consumption, pollution, stress, work pressure, and many other things can affect our health drastically.

The first step towards living a healthy life can be started by eating healthy food and the superfoods featured here can help you do the same in an easier way. Include at least one or two superfoods in your daily diet to achieve a fit body and a healthy mind.

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