What Are Different Categories of Technical Interview Questions

If you want to grow your career in the technical industry, you should know how to nail down a technical interview. Usually, the technical interviews are comprised of behavioral questions, technical questions, situational questions, and problem-solving questions. Whether you are a fresher in the technical field or an experienced candidate, you should find out what kind of questions will be asked from you during the technical interview round.

For example, if you are going to give a technical interview in Amazon then you should prepare the common Amazon interview questions. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss different categories of technical interview questions:

Technical Interview

The technical interview can be described as a job interview for hiring an eligible candidate for a related job position in the technology industry. Some of the rounds of the technical interview are taken over the phone, some are taken online and some are in-person. The interview questions are based on technical proficiency, brain teaser, problem-solving question, technical proficiency test, and traditional based questions.

The interviewer assesses the technical knowledge and abilities of the candidate during the different rounds of the technical interview. They will also assess your skills and determine whether you are suitable for the applied job position or not. The interviewer will also gauge your thought processing and problem-solving skills. They will also find out whether you are the right fit for the company’s culture or not.

Common Technical Interview Questions

The interviewer will ask various questions during the technical interview rounds. These interview rounds fall into different categories and these are as follow:

  • Behavioral-based interview questions
  • Situational based interview questions
  • Questions about your qualification
  • Questions based on technical knowledge and experience

There is a certain reason for asking these types of questions from the interviewers. They are looking for required skills that make you suitable for the applied position.

Behavioral interview questions

Usually, the technical interviews start just like other interviews. The interviewer will ask you certain general and behavioral-based questions. These questions are asked to get the general information about the candidate and whether they will get adjusted to the company’s culture. For example, the main objective of amazon loop interview questions is to find out whether this candidate is the right fit for the job position.

The candidates who are going to appear in the technical interview should answer the behavioral-based question by using the STAR technique. STAR is an acronym for Situation, Task, Action, and Result, and this approach will help you to properly answer the questions. Some of the Amazon leadership principles questions that you can expect during the technical interview are as follow:

  • What was your job role and responsibility in the recent project that you have worked on?
  • How many projects have you accomplished so far and what was your contribution to them?
  • Whether you like to work alone or as a team?

Situational interview questions

Once you have properly answered behavioral questions, the interviewer will ask various situational interview questions. In the situational interview questions, the interviewer will give hypothetical situations. You have to either resolve the problem or respond to the situation. By asking these situational-based questions, the interviewer wants to know whether you have properly dealt with workplace challenges.

Also, they want to know how you have overcome the challenges that you have faced while handling the projects. Again, we would like to recommend you use the STAR technique for answering situational-based questions. The interviewer can ask these questions during a phone interview or on-site interview round. Some of the Amazon phone interview questions are comprised of situational-based questions. Some of the examples of situational based questions that you can expect during the technical interview are described as follow:

  • How would you handle a project that is completely new for you and how would you complete it successfully?
  • Give me an example when you have performed beyond the expectation level?
  • How would you handle a situation in which you are working with a difficult co-worker in your team? 

Education interview questions

When your interviewer asks certain questions about your qualification, then their main objective is to determine specific technical training and education you have. Based on your technical knowledge and education, interviewers will gauge whether you are the right fit for the applied position or not.

While answering the education-based questions, you only discuss those special coursework, training, and certification which are relevant to the job role you have applied for. Usually, the Amazon phone screen interview questions are education-based questions. Some of the educational-based questions you can expect during the technical interview round are as follow: 

  • How does your qualification make you the right fit for this job role?
  • What kinds of technical certifications do you have?
  • How do you stay up-to-date with the latest advancement in the field of technology?

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