What Is Academic Writing

What Is Academic Writing?

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It is vital that students know what academic writing is, how to write using this kind of style, and why it is so important. This piece discovers some key points related to academic writing with a few examples.

When we talk about academic writing, it is basically a piece written in a specific style in college or university. Every student is obligated to produce their papers and assignments in this style. Other than students, teachers and scholars also are required to write articles in the said formal format.

Types of Academic Writing

One word or phrase definition is not possible to work as a description of this style since there are wide varieties available which are:

  • Abstract
  • Academic journal article
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Book report
  • Conference paper
  • Explication
  • Dissertation
  • Essay
  • Literary criticism
  • Textbook
  • Thesis
  • Research proposal

There may be more styles of academic writing, but the list covers most of them.

Main characteristics of an academic writing

Since academic writing is produced in multiple styles, there are different characteristics associated with each. However, a few of the common characteristics that all styles share are:

Formal Tone

The tone used for academic writing is formal. It is not in a conversational, informal tone. There is no place for slang words or phrases in this writing style.


It is important to couple formal tone with precise words and to the point talking. There is no need to carry the point around; the author’s meaning should come across clear-cut.


The point of academic writing is to educate the reader, give out information they are looking for.

Research Focus

Academic writing is focused on research results, therefore, it contains details about the questionnaire and audience response.


Headings are important to clarify and logically organize the information produced and put forward for the readers.

Source citation

Citation of correct sources is very important to legitimate the research.

What should an academic title constitute?

Impact producing titles should have the following basics covered:

  • Accuracy of the subject addressed and clear scope of the piece
  • No abbreviations
  • Make sure to intrigue the reader for going further in

What is an academic title?

It is quite different from what you think. Academic titles may refer to academic ranks, academic degrees, or titles given by universities or colleges to complete a course, diploma, or any study.

Structure of Academic writing

An academic piece contains three parts, an introduction, the body, and finally, a conclusion. It has research questions, discussions, and materials in it, dispersed. Let’s have a look in detail.


Introduction holds prime importance; it must have the strength to hook the reader and grab their attention at a glance. According to the style of paper, some strategies are applied to keep the reader’s attention in hand, some of which are:

  • A research question or statement
  • A brief explanation of the primary focus in this content
  • A quote which is in relevance to the topic of some famous writer
  • Statistics or facts to grab the reader’s interest.


This is the second part of the entire piece. It holds immense value, and all the main information, topic related is summed up here. The writing should have paragraphs and be in logical order. Be it chronologically or in order of importance.

Some pointers to keep in mind:

  • The first sentence of each paragraph should precede and link to the last thing of discussion of the paragraph above.
  • The information in the paragraphs should make sense and be relevant to the topic. The minor deviation is ignorable but, major ones are not.
  • The use of transition words, connectives, and synonyms is necessary to maintain the piece’s integrity.


The conclusion should smoothly end and tie the entire writing together. Moreover, it should summarize the points covered in the main body and give a good closure of the subject. The summary should clarify the objective and findings of the whole thing.

Examples of Academic Writing Discipline

  • Business – accounting, marketing, finance, human resource
  • Sciences – biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, medicine
  • Humanities – art, literature, history, philosophy

Both academics and non-academic texts use research to prove their point and look for accuracy. However, non-academic research is heavily dependent on secondary sources.

Similarities of academic and professional writing

  • Both are precise, to the point, and clear
  • The tone used is serious, the text is logical and concise

Is There Any Difference between academic text and academic writing?

Academic writing is similar to other types of writing. However, the tone changes from formal to informal in personal. Academic writing has detailed research to prove the point aimed.

Components of professional and academic writing

  • Consider the audience you are writing for.
  • The audience and purpose of writing should have a strong link.
  • The structure must have continuity.
  • References.

What is English in Academic and Professional Purposes?

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is the course that provides language instructions for academic studies in American universities. The study focuses on listening, speaking fluency, oral intelligence, grammar, writing, reading, etc.

What is an academic text?

This includes every kind of piece you write during the study period, either short passages or long essays.

Types of Academic English

There are 4 main types of academic writing, descriptive, analytical, critical, and persuasive. Each style has specific features and purpose; you may use more than one in piece together.

Examples of non-academic writing

It is directed towards the masses; the writing is personal, emotional, informal, or subjective. The pieces included are business letters, novels, text messages, etc.

Formal Academic Tone

This tine establishes that the writer is respectful and is discussing the topic in all seriousness. It gives off a firm feel. Informal language or foul language containing slang is strictly prohibited. Thorough knowledge of slang and phrases is of importance to steer clear from it.

Academic Sentence

The sentence must have proper grammar and punctuation. A subject and verb agreement are necessary.

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