What is body sculpting

What is body sculpting?

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Body sculpting, also known as body contouring, is a medical procedure that reshapes the body. It can be done on various parts to make it look better. The process includes getting rid of extra fat, excess skin, or tightening of the body.

Mainly body sculpting or contouring is referred to as the method of shedding body fat through various means.

It is a process of controlled fat reduction that safely removes extra fat deposits in the body area with or without surgical treatment.

Types of body sculpting methods

Body sculpting is broadly categorized into two

  1. Non-surgical
  2. Surgical

Non-surgical method

The process is also known as lipolysis: lipo meaning fat, and lysis meaning breakdown. Following methods for lipolysis are available.

Injection lipolysis

A process where deoxycholic acid is injected into the fat cells.


Extreme high temperatures are employed to kill the fat cells of a targeted area.


Rays through laser affect the fat deposits, thereby decreasing them.

Radio Frequency lipolysis

Ultrasonic waves alongside heat work to eliminate the fat cells

Surgical Method


A procedure is very well known amongst individuals. In this process, the fat cells are sucked out of the body invasively.

Lifts and tucks

Treatments like tummy tuck, excess chin fat, or chest lift are performed.

Why is the body sculpting process used?

It is no secret, thin bodies are beautiful and have gained much popularity in this era. People, especially women, tend to go to lengths to get that perfect model body they dream about.

Often, some areas do not respond to diets or exercise. That is when body sculpting comes into play.

Body contouring or sculpting targets the fat and makes surgical removal of extra skin possible to give the body a natural smooth tone.

Protocol before body sculpting process

Your cosmetologist will discuss the goals and targets or the outcome you shall expect. He will round up all the necessary information regarding your medical history. Use of alcohol or drugs and discuss the pros and cons.

Next, you will sign a consent form to give a green light for the process. After blood work, the surgeon will schedule the day and date.

What to expect during lipolysis?

It takes not more than sixty minutes per session. However, you may need multiple sessions to get your desired outcome.

Your surgeon will either make you sit on a chair or ask you to lie on the table. It depends on the target. He will then mark all the areas that need to be worked on. Then, he will inject a drug into the area and deliver waves like ultrasonic waves, cold or hot beams to initiate lipolysis.

What to expect during liposuction?

This could last from forty-five minutes to several hours, totally depending on the target. The surgeon will mark the sites beforehand and then you will undergo anaesthesia. It could be local or general.

The surgeon will make cuts and take out the body fat that needs removal. Tighten muscles and sheds some skin where needed. Close when done and apply bandages.

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