Which law protects the author?

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In this era of digitalization, everyone is involved in the piracy of content. Some people do it knowingly, while some have no idea that they are a part of it.

Content stealing is very common these days; we need to be vigilant, cautious, and well equipped with the laws that could end this piracy issue.

What is Piracy?

Piracy is illegally copying and distributing someone else’s work as your own. It encompasses every form, be it literature, music, or arts. Any form of violation of copyrights can be called piracy.

Back in the time when nothing was digital, it was easier to track where the work was being sent and used.

At most, one could resell the work in close proximities, and to be fair, it was easy to stop reprinting and distribution.

The copyright law protected the work by not allowing unlicensed publishers to publish anyone’s work during those times.

How software piracy originated?

During the 1990s internet was made available to the local public. Here’s an example of how music files piracy started. In this era, a group of engineers created a version of data compression, particularly music files. At that point in time, music files used to be approximately —50 MBs taking up large spaces on the disk. So, in order to save space, they developed software that could compress and make lighter files—known as Mp3.

This led to the easy sharing method of these files easily over the internet just by making copies.

Copyright law

Copyright law serves as a buoy for piracy victims. This law gives the author or real owner of the content to reproduce and distribute it within the rules and boundaries set by this law.

The Government itself offers this protection. These rights are, however, transferable. The real content owner gives their copyright to another person. Later on, that person can amend the work as they please.
Copyright breach issues are mostly handled via negotiation directly. Takedown order notice is sent directly to the involved people. Another could be through court litigation.

What Three Rights does a Copyright owner have?

  1. The owner reserves the right to reproduce and make copies of the original work
  2. The right to make amends to the original content and disperse the work
  3. The right to publicly display the work

What protects the authors of a book from having copied?

The best way to protect an owner’s right is by the Copyright Law, passed by the Government. It is governed by the USA copyright act of 1976.

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