Which of the following is a key factor that influences BAC?

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BAC is an abbreviation of Blood Alcohol Concentration. When we speak of BAC we normally refer to the amount or percentage of any alcoholic substance present in the bloodstream of the person.  Two common types of alcoholic content that we find in the blood test are either ethyl alcohol and ethanol.

BAC test usually displays the percentage of content in ranging from .01 to .40%, here .01 usually means the alcohol will cause no apparent side effects whatsoever. Most beer manufacturers add .01 to .02 alcohol in the formula to ease out the muscles and relax. The level is not harmful. However, if the blood stream contains as much alcohol as .10 percent or above, it means that there’s one part of alcohol in every 1000 parts of the blood .

In many states of the United State, a person is considered highly and legally intoxicated if the alcohol percentage exceeded the 0.7%. Generally speaking.0.7 % alcoholic content itself is not moderate in the blood because it causes speech, vision, control and balance impairment. Moreover, if the percentage reaches to the level of .8, it is risky to drive or ride. Therefore, it is illegal in most states to drive under the influence to prevent accidents and road mishaps.

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Factors that impact BAC

There are one too many factors that impact BAC. Let’s  have an overview  of some of these briefly;

  1. Number of alcoholic drinks in one setting.
  2. Amount of alcohol consumed.
  3. The time in which drinks or alcoholic substance is consumed
  4. Body weight and size
  5. Overall water composition
  6. Levels and generation of Enzymes in the body
  7. Hormones levels and production
  8. Sex/gender
  9. Other medications present in the system

People of different sizes may have different alcoholic metabolism. In other words, if a big guy consumes three cans of beers in one go the alcoholic will work slowly in the system. Depending on how much alcohol is used in the formula, it may trigger numerous symptoms related to hallucination and impairment starting from the time of consumption.

Which of the following is a key factor that influences BAC?

A: Body weight and size

B: Food and supplements

c: Height

D: All of the above


The correct answer is option A. “Body weight and Size .”

Why option C is incorrect:

There’s a reason why option option C is incorrect. BAC has a lot to do with gender, age, and body weight. It does not matter what the height of a person is. Therefore, the option C is incorrect.

Why option B is incorrect:

The option B is incorrect because your food has nothing to do with BAC and its impact on the body. Let’s say you have eaten spicy tacos or a king sized burger, it will not reduce or increase the effect of alcohol you consume.

Why option D is incorrect:

The option D is incorrect because there’s only one major factor that influences BAC and it is body weight. We cannot choose the option D.


The key factor that influences BAC is body mass, size and weight. A bulky person may have more tolerance toward alcoholic substances than a petite person. Therefore, the higher body weight usually means lower alcohol concentration. Likewise, less body weight would mean high chances of alcohol impact on the body overall. Consequently it will affect BAC, triggering the symptoms quickly led by consumption.

Alcohol consumption also is directly proportional with the body type. If you are bulky, you will be a lot less under its influence naturally.  The reason behind is that you have more water composition in the body than that of the body of a thinner or petite person.

When there’s more water in the body, it naturally helps dilute the alcohol as soon as you take it. So, it reduces the impact of BAC as well. Logically, if a thin and a heavy guy consumes the same amount of alcohol, the effect will be different. The individual with more body weight will have lower BAC than that of the individual with lower body weight.

In the end, I would conclude that the critical factor to influence the BAC is Body weight of an individual only, not height.

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