Home Business Which resource management task includes activating local resource requirements, if available?

Which resource management task includes activating local resource requirements, if available?

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Resource Management
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Resource Management

Resource management is a step-by-step procedure to acquire, allocate and management of resources. It ranges from managing resources such as individuals with skills, finances, to materials, machinery etc.
It can also be defined as the acquisition and distribution of the resources required to accomplish the goals set for a project, task or program.


“Resource” is a wide term extending from people, material to machinery, technology and/or property. Basically, anything that is needed to fulfill a task.
Resource management plays a vital role in any organization, it makes sure that the resources, both external and internal are used in a way that improves efficiency and lessens the financial burden.

Why is resource management important?

If your resource management has transparency, you can easily monitor and make amends for the efficient delivery of your projects. Analysis to stop overutilization so that they do not exhaust is of extreme importance. Following pointers are very essential for a resource manager to understand

  1. Planning and scheduling – availability of resources and when can it be acquired and delivered
  2. Availability of Skilled personnel – assessment of the individuals and their skill set for maximum utilization
  3. Utilization of skilled personnel – it is crucial to know where and when to use the people according to their expertise
  4. Prioritization and allocation of resources – enlisting tasks and prioritizing ones that need expenditure of resources

When executed properly, resource management can help reduce costs and increase the efficiency of an organization. It is therefore crucial, to hire Project Managers and Resource Managers who have the knowledge to execute the planning.

Resource management Tasks

Typically the tasks performed by resource managers are planning on how to acquire, allocate and make use of the resource. Hiring relevant individuals, capacity planning and providing help to the project managers.

Which resource management task includes activating local resource requirements, if available?

The first step of this management is planning out after careful analysis, what kind and how much resources to allocate for a certain project. Efficient management can only take place if the head has full comprehension of it.

The task that includes activating local resource requirements (if available) is ordering and acquisition. After determination of the amount and type required, ordering and acquiring comes in.
The most effective usage of local resources comes into play at the time of an incident. When things go as not anticipated, ordering and acquiring is of most importance.

After the evaluation of the damage is done, the resources are activated locally to help cope up with the situation and set on a recovery path. If, in any case, the local resources are not enough, then the nearby places are sought for help.

Acquired Resources

Resources encompass everything that would be needed to accomplish the goal. From manpower to types of equipment to finances, everything is acquired. The acquiring of resources can take place more than once in a form of a multi-stage level since more and more details are added during the working of a project and continuous analysis takes place to ensure success.

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