Why Do We Experience Headache after Tooth Extraction

You may need to have your tooth removed when there’s no other way to save your natural tooth. Many people hesitate to undergo tooth extraction procedures. However, your oral condition can likely
worsen if you left it untreated. People face tons of other dental issues, like gum or teeth infection, when they decide to call it off. So it is advisable to take action as soon as possible. Now
let’s talk about why we often experience a headache after tooth extraction.


Tooth extraction procedure often tags along severe headache. This is because your mouth and jaw muscles tighten up during the removal process. The strain starts from your gums, then goes all the
way up to your head, which often results in severe headaches and even jaw pain after tooth extraction.

That said, some patients also feel jaw pain after their treatment. This pain is linked more with dental fear and anxiety than with muscle strain. Being afraid of teeth removal cause muscles
around your mouth and face to become tenser. This results in higher levels of headache and jaw pain.

Like jaw pain, headaches can also be caused by multiple factors, such as tiredness, diseases, workload, or tension. Dentists can help you overcome dental fear by using sedatives. However, you can
experience headaches once the sedative wears off. Other reasons that may cause headaches are dry socket, sinus damage, underlying infection, or decaying bone.

Remedies for Headache After Tooth Removal

Below are some of the simple home remedies that you can perform to relieve headaches.

Take an aspirin

Headaches after tooth extraction are effectively remedied by taking aspirin since it helps reduce pain sensation. But make sure you’ve talked to your dentist about it. It is better to follow
their instructions and take prescriptions as directed by your doctor.

Apply a cold and hot compress

It’s common to experience pain sensation after tooth extraction, which can tag along with migraine too. This is often triggered by persistent tension and swelling. However, it can be reduced by
applying a cold compress to your mouth or jaw. You can also use heat pads as heat can relax muscle tension and improve blood flow around your mouth. This way, you will feel relaxed, and your
headache will eventually reduce.

Rinse with lukewarm saltwater

Rinses with warm water are a long-tested remedy to relieve dental pain. Moreover, according to multiple studies, lukewarm water and sodium chloride (salt) are healthy for gums and can kill
bacteria. If you’re feeling headache or discomfort due to bacteria or infection, salt water rinses can be a perfect preventative measure.


After the tooth extraction procedure, it is essential to take care of your mouth. You should follow tooth extraction aftercare and avoid eating hard foods to help heal faster. So, no matter if
you experience a severe headache or throbbing pain, you can always visit our dentists at Nimmi Shine Dental in San Diego, CA. It is always better to let an expert handle your case.

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