Why Do White Spots Appear On the Back of Your Throat

Whenever your body changes from its normal physiological function or physical appearance, there is always a reason behind it. You get up one day with a dry mouth, sore throat, and white spots on it. High fever and pain accompanying, this condition is definitely not pleasant to deal with.Pain during swallowing and fever makes every day routine difficult to handle.

Regular check of oral health and visible organs like your teeth tongue throat is a good practice. If you see anything unusual like blisters in mouth or white spots on your throat, do not panic just yet. In this blog we will discuss top 5 reasons for the appearance of white spots on your throat in detail.

  1. Strep Throat

It is one of the most common causes of having a white-spotted throat. Strep throat is a bacterial infection that is seen mostly amongst children. Difficulty in swallowing is the most prominent symptom, along with fever and pain.

In this condition, your child or you will face issues while having both solids and liquids alike. Besides white spots on the sides of your throat, as mentioned earlier, fever along with pain and urge to vomit also confirms strep throat infection.

Since it is due to bacterial manifestation, the treatment is done through antibiotics. However, one major advantage of this issue is that a strep throat infection can easily go away on its own in a few days. In the meantime, you can manage the pain using painkillers available over the counter – without prescription.

If the white spots on the throat appear without the presence of fever, it is advised to go for pain killers and pair it with a classic saltwater gargle for soothing pain. Take one part salt and dissolve it in 3 parts water. Make a solution, take a gulp; swish swirl and spit. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day for best results.

  1. Tonsillitis

It is an inflammatory condition of the tonsils, which are situated on the back side of the oral cavity. Tonsils are not single but a pair of oval-shaped structures situated on both sides of the throat, one on the right and the other towards left.

Not one but bacteria as well as viruses can easily infect the tonsils to cause tonsillitis. Diagnosis is of prime importance for right treatment because antibacterial drugs does not work viruses and vice versa. Usually, viruses are the culprit, they affect tonsil tissues, but that does not mean we can rule out bacterial invasion for this condition.

Mostly, tonsillitis infection, which leads to white patch kind spots on the throat, is not chronic. Therefore, you can expect it to go away within five to six days. Headaches, ear pain and fever are very common occurrences in this condition.

Whether your doctor prescribes you with antiviral medicines or antibacterial, according to the case, do not forget to gargle with a lukewarm saltwater solution just swish in the cavity and spit. Moreover, OTC drugs offer great amount of relief from headaches and throat pain. It is advised not to put any kind strain on your throat i.e. no screaming and loud talking or laughing, and having any hot item, food or drink.


  1. Oral thrush

Oral thrush that causes white spots on the throat to form. Thrush is a yeast infection that infects an individual when the fungus called candida albicans grows more than normal. Fungal infection leading up to an oral thrush is most common in newborns and toddlers.

Other than that, people who take antibiotics or diabetes patients are prone to have this condition. Oral thrush changes the taste of the mouth; you might also see some bleeding under the white patches on throat. Burning sensation, bleeding, and bad taste in mouth all makes it very difficult to eat.

Since it mostly affects babies and/ or toddlers, it is better to reach out to your pediatrician for appropriate treatment. Meanwhile, try dabbing pure coconut oil using a cotton ball to the infected area.

  1. Mononucleosis – Mono

Mono is caused due to a viral entity that most commonly affects teenagers or young individuals. It presents itself with a sore throat and white spots along with fever. Sometimes, tonsils swell as well. The virus responsible for causing this infection is Epstein – Barr virus, or EBV.

Additionally, along with other symptoms, the patient might suffer from headaches and loss of appetite. Usually, mono does not need medical attention; you will recover from it within a few weeks. Meanwhile, it is advised to get complete bed rest and use home remedies for symptomatic relief.

  1. Tonsil Stones

Sometimes, you may have a sore throat with white spots that are visibly present on the tonsils. Those patches are basically hard stones formed at the back of your throat. Tonsil stones are small lumps of material found on the tonsils. The main symptom of this condition is bad smell from the mouth. Saltwater gargles are beneficial for this condition too.

Final thoughts

There are multiple reasons to cause white spots on the throat. Most of which are easily treatable with home based remedies. But, if you feel that the condition is not getting worse, immediately reach out to your doctor for help. Get proper diagnosis to know whether this issue is because of a virus or bacteria for appropriate treatment.

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