Wondering what is Craigslist and how to use it?



It is a classic American advertisement website that has many services to offer. It is a forum with a collection of items for sale, housing schemes, jobs, etc. craigslist works like a classified area of the newspaper and is designated according to the area, for example, New York or Santa Barbara.

Let us have a look at the history and emergence of craigslist.

History of craigslist

The founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark, observed the need to create a helping hand for the people in the local community. It all started back in 1995 with Craig distributing the email postings himself to close family and friends.

With time his work got popular, and good word of mouth spread, an increase in subscriptions was seen. People started using Craigslist as a means to get and fill positions, which led to the
entry of job posting areas.

With more and more people using this service, the need to add more categories grew. A team was assembled, and Newmark decided to devote himself to the site’s betterment and growth.

Gradually, the list became a success and spread its wings to different cities. Now we have separate craigslist for cities like Santa Barbara for all kinds of mailing, jobs, housing rentals, etc.

Why should we use craigslist?

The prime reason for using it is its feasibility. As it is categorized in cities, accurate, useful postings in the area are found. It is free of cost, so you will find all possible postings from people who choose not to pay for classified advertisements.

If you are willing to either post or find cars, go to the craigslist website, select your city, either Santa Barbara or any from California, then hit search. All the postings are present on craigslist for housing schemes or vehicles filtered for Santa Barbara.

Extensive audience coverage with unlimited advertisement limits makes it easy for people of the USA living in different cities like Los Angeles, Columbia, Santa Barbara, etc. use this opportunity to the fullest.

It does not matter in which city you live or what service or product you are looking for; head to craigslist for your queries.

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